What is Capoeira? [kap-oo-air-uh]

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that has evolved over many centuries and combines elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, folklore and music. While the exact origins of the art are unknown, it is well established that Capoeira grew from the diverse African cultures brought to Brazil as a result of the slave trade. Movements are fluid and rhythmic, improvised and playful. Capoeira relies heavily on powerful kicks and sweeps but above all else it is a celebration of spontaneous and creative expression.

Capoeira has a wide repertoire of acrobatic movements that have been incorporated into the martial art. It is not uncommon to see a capoeirista attack while in a handstand or flying through the air.

Capoeira is ‘played’ within a circle known as a roda, where attacks and escapes are exchanged by two players. The other players present provide the music and energy by singing and playing traditional instruments like the berimbau, attabaque and panderio.

The Capoeira Coop in Wolfville has been meeting regularly since 2008. The group was established to provide a place and community for all those interested in developing their skill in this Brazilian art form. We will be offering a workshop with Halifax’s Capoeira Group Dendê do Recife under Mestre Azeitona this coming March 19th from 3-6pm at Abhaya MMA in Greenwich. All experience levels are encouraged to come and try this exciting art form. If you are interested in attending or wish to learn more about Capoeira please contact the Capoeira Coop group at kwcapoeira@gmail.com or visit Halifax’s Capoeira Group Dendê do Recife at www.dendedorecifehalifax.ca