Valley Premiere of Salmon Wars

A pair of farms in St. Mary’s Bay is licensed to produce 1.4 million salmon, and will produce as much sewage as the entire human population of Digby County, in which the farms are located.

As part of the 20th Anniversary World Oceans Day observations, an important new documentary film, Salmon Wars: Aquaculture, Wild Fish and the Future of Communities, is scheduled to screen at the Al Whittle Theatre (with Fundy Film’s cooperation and encouragement) as part of the International Oceans Institute (IOI)-Canada’s Oceans Film Festival in Halifax.

Along with the Halifax premiere, and that at the Al Whittle Theatre (Wednesday, June 13th @ 7pm), other simultaneous screenings of this film are also planned for concerned communities in the Province.

Salmon Wars: Aquaculture, Wild Fish and the Future of Communities, a much-anticipated documentary (70 mins) by award-winning author, columnist and educator, Silver Donald Cameron, and Chris Beckett, is an eye-opening and wide-ranging exploration of net cage salmon aquaculture and its social, economic and environmental impact on the communities where it operates. The film surveys industry representatives, community activists, scientists, environmentalists and politicians, including Nova Scotia’s Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment. Financed entirely by citizen donations and designed for free distribution on the internet, Salmon Wars probes not only our stewardship of the oceans, but also the alliances between industry and government, the ability of local communities to influence their own futures and the health of democracy in Atlantic Canada.

Hosted by Henry Hicks. Suggested donation is $5 – $10, no tickets, info: 542-5157