Jennica Elder


I’ve always loved the look of anatomical hearts and honestly I just wanted a tattoo that looked cool. There’s no real meaning behind it and I don’t really think there needs to be a meaning behind it. I have tattoos that have a lot of personal meaning and I have tattoos that I have just because I love the artistry. This tattoo is special because I gave my artist a very general idea and let him add whatever elements he wanted to it. Blood? Check. Thorns? Check. Disease? Check. Man eating plants? Check. This tattoo is a little creepy and a little gross and that’s why I love it.

I got it done at Everlasting Ink in New Minas by Jason Mahar. He’s a great artist and getting tattooed by him is always a great experience he sets you right at ease and always makes your tattoo as comfortable a tattoo can be. Out of my twelve tattoos he’s done three of them, one of them being a portrait of my mother (it looks exactly like her if you were wondering). As for the rest of my tattoos I have a number of small black “girl tattoos” as I call them, (ex: music notes, Shakespeare quotes and a simple little well-wishing bird) as well as a hot air balloon, a ship, (foot tattoos really hurt) a symbol from my favourite childhood video game and two owls (I love owls). Hopefully one day I will be covered but for right now I just appreciate the few I have I try not to hold my breath while I wait for more.