For the Health of it: Knobby, Bumpy, Hairy things

Seasonal health secrets of Chinese Medicine shared

Knobby, bumpy, hairy things – Roots may not be most people’s idea of beautiful, but to me, as a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, they are absolutely gorgeous!

Root Music

Root Vegetables

Root Medicine…

Fall is a great time to delve into the things that feed and heal us in mind, body and spirit. This is a time to “dig deep” and begin to turn our focus inward. Good healthy food, like good music, has the ability to touch the deepest parts of ourselves and to heal us from within.

Autumn in Chinese Medicine is associated with the Metal element and corresponds to the Lung. Our lungs are vulnerable to injury at this time of year.  Emotions associated with autumn (and Metal) are grief, melancholy and of letting go. These emotions are neither good nor bad, but simply part of the poignant breadth of our lovely palette of human feelings. In autumn, our energy begins to move inward & down, root vegetables are ready for harvest, and roots music (at least for us lucky enough to live in the Annapolis Valley) abounds.

“Take that twig out of your mouth!” the adult called out to my daughter in alarm. She looked up into the worried frowning face “It’s not

a twig” she said mildly, “it’s a root – I love to chew on Licorice roots. They’re good for you.”  Licorice root has long been used in countless Chinese medicinal formulas to harmonize the actions of the other herbs and nourish the Earth element within us. Licorice root (aka, Gan Cao, , Radix Glycyrrhizae) settles the stomach, strengthens our bodies ability to receive the nourishment from food and other medicinal herbs, stops spasms, and relieves coughs. Why not treat your little ones to nicely packaged little sticks of licorice roots, ready for your children’s lunch box. You can find them, “lunch box ready” at EOS Natural Foods, on Front St. in Wolfville.

September is a great time of year to nourish ourselves with roots of all kinds. In Chinese Medicine, we not only use many different kinds

of roots in our medicinal formulas (such as ginseng), we use the very idea of “roots” in our whole approach to medicine. Chinese Medicine hunts out the “root cause” of your issues giving you real, lasting relief and better overall health, as well as addressing your “branch” symptom. Devorah Fallows says – Root down & Be Well!

Devorah Fallows R.Ac., D.SW; Wolfville;; 902-300-3017