Woodland Adventure

Who are the children in the photo, and where was it taken?

Genevieve and Harlow are two very special people; Harlow is my boy and Genevieve is my niece. I captured this shining picture last weekend on my phone at the water pump along the Acadia Woodland Trails in Wolfville.

How did you spend your time there?

Close to 3 hours passed as we explored and played along the trails; there is so much to discover. We came across flora and fauna and fungi, streams and sunbeams and animal bones. We even made it up to the dark woods for some spooky stories. Then we continued on to explore the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens and the beautiful K.C. Irving building and greenhouses. We all had a wonderful time. This time of year is perfect for exploring the woods with the cool air and warm sun. And the bug population isn’t a problem.

Thanksgiving happens during this issue on Monday, October 13. I would imagine there is lots to be thankful for.

We live close to our family and that’s such a wonderful thing. Harlow is thankful for having a big cousin who offers loving guidance and friendship, and for her great imagination. I’m thankful for both of them, and for all the friends and family who enrich our lives.

Responses by Jocelyn Hatt