Pamela Matheson – PASSION FOR FASHION!

One of the great benefits of being BUSY like me, is that I am everywhere all the time! I am always volunteering to emcee events, take part in fundraisers, appear in shows and I love it because I get to meet so many wonderful people. Pamela Matheson is one of those people. I had heard of Pam through this person and that, but only officially shook her hand and exchanged some words and some nice moments at a fashion show I emceed a few weeks ago. Pam’s passion for fashion was quite inspiring and I want to share her story with you.

Pamela Matheson is the designer of “The Esme Original Jacket”. Have you seen these beautiful and unique jackets? They are positively stunning and Pam is the force behind their extraordinary presence. Pam has always loved fashion – the colors, the textures, the designs, the beauty of the fabrics, and the industry of creating pieces of clothing that stand out and make people look and feel good. But Pam found more and more that clothes were becoming homogenized and everything had a same-ness. There seemed to be a lack of originality in the market so she started designing and sewing her own clothes to express herself and her tastes. Instant talent like this inspires me and I wish I had the ability to harness that artistic side of myself and put it to use. But what I lack, Pam certainly excels at and it shows in her Esme Jackets.

Soon after making the change to creating her own clothes, Pam starting haunting fabric stores and the more she looked, the more she found beautiful materials to work with and she was ecstatic. Pam knew she could design a jacket that women like her – women trying to find something “out of the ordinary” – would be interested in. And that’s how it all began…

Well, that’s how the ESME portion of Pam’s story began, but there’s much more to this wonderful lady.

After a 10-year career in the advertising industry, Pam partnered with her husband in 1997 to establish “Country Real Estate Brokers”, a successful real estate brokerage in Canning.  During these business years, she recognized that a key element for success was quality, and with that in mind and a life-long love of fashion, she created “The Esme Original Jacket”. Quality in design and production are the most important aspects to Pam and it stands out in her product. And with both her children grown up, Pam decided it was time to take her passion for fashion to the next level.

Through a yearlong process, the jacket’s design was fine-tuned to a level that Pam is now very proud of.  The lines of the jacket hug a woman’s body beautifully.  It is very flattering.  And the signature feature of the jacket is the stand-up collar, a very sexy feature, which can be worn high around the chin or rolled down and worn open. I saw these jackets up close and worked on the runway at a recent fashion show and they were stunners! The audience was gasping at how each woman wearing their Esme jacket looked confident and full of energy and character.

Pam says “ All the jackets are produced right here in Nova Scotia by professional seamstresses and I source beautiful fabrics from around the world.  I purchase fabrics in limited quantities (I call them ‘limited editions’) so that only a very few are produced in each fabric.  The high quality clasps and closures enhance the beauty and fit of each “Esmé Jacket”.  Everything about the Esmé Original Jacket quietly screams “quality and individuality”.

Besides creating gorgeous clothing, Pam is an avid painter. She states, “I love the broad, strong strokes I create on canvas. And I love the soft lines of the human body, so most of my paintings are of the people in my life – my friends and my family.”  As a writer, I understand that way of creating because I tend to write about those things that are close to me like friends and family and local events. We take from the world around us to create and explore and it’s a therapeutic and beneficial way to live.

Husband, Clothes, Art and …. There’s three more loves in Pam’s life: her three silly Airedales Elle, Grace, and Ruby who bring laughter and love and comfort to her household everyday.

So how do you get one of these fabulous jackets all to yourself? Well, Pam’s studio is open either by chance or by appointment. She is located at 9846 Main Street in Canning and it’s recommended you call 902-582-3505 to book an appointment to see her, as she’s in demand (especially with the Christmas/ Winter season upon us!) Visit her website at: or her facebook page at

Pam closed our interview by saying “I am enjoying the creative process of the design that the fabric ‘finds’ and the journey to produce beautiful jackets.  It’s all in the ride.  And isn’t that what it’s all about!” Yes it is Pam! Enjoy your ride and thanks for letting me tag along for a bit of the journey!

Mike Butler