A Quick Chat with Jake & Miranda

What do you specialize In?

Toys, games, and puzzles for kids of all ages and abilities. Helping young minds develop through creative play.

Are you participating in the Icewine Festival and what’s your favourite Icewine?

We’ll be attending as participants for the first time this year. We love being tourists in our own town and taking in these special events. As for a favourite…we’ll let you know!

What’s Inquisitive’s best current deal or offer?

Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles! We have lots in stock and more on the way for those cold winter nights. Also, we have some fun overstock and Christmas items on sale now!

Groundhog Day is Feb 2. What’s your favourite Bill Murray Movie?

It has to be Ghostbusters! Who wouldn’t love to run around NYC capturing ghosts? Maybe we’ll even join Jerome the GraveKeeper’s team as the Inquisitive Ghostbusters someday!

Why are you in business in Wolfville?

We like getting to know our customers in order to best help them find what they’re looking for. Living and working in a small town makes it easy to build these relationships.

What winter activity do you enjoy most?

That’s tough! We do a lot of hiking and exploring in the winter, but skiing/snowboarding at Martok is our favourite!

What are your business plans for the future?

We’re going to bring in more fun stuff for more people, especially babies and kids under 3!

Who’s your Superbowl pick?

Go Patriots go!

Inquisitive Toy Company

360 Main Street #21, Wolfville

(902) 697-3009 / jake@inquisitivetoys.com / inquisitivetoys.com / facebook.com/inquisitivetoys