ElderDogs Find Good Homes

ElderDogs Find Good Homes
By Heather Davidson, Hants Border

“Once you’ve had a wonderful dog, life without one is a life diminished.”
-Dean Kootz

Immediately after my dog died, I contacted ElderDog Canada, a national non-profit organization founded by Nova Scotian, Ardra Cole. It is dedicated to aging people, aging dogs, and the important connection they enjoy. They also provide homes for dogs with younger people who prefer an older dog to a pup or young dog. When (my future) dogs were left without a caregiver, ElderDog provided care and companionship in an approved foster home. Volunteers took the surrendered dogs to a vet for details about the dogs’ health and had the dogs bathed.

A volunteer interviewed me at home about adoption. Shortly after that, she delivered a black Lab to my home with a bag of dog food and decals for the front door and the fridge to let strangers, in the event of an emergency, know how many dogs are in the house. A few weeks later I agreed to foster a sheep dog mix. When she came into the house, I said I would adopt her too.

ElderDog allows seniors to enjoy their canine companions by providing services which include assistance with buying food and feeding, assistance with animal hygiene, dog walking, minor grooming, transportation to and from vet or groomer, and temporary care during hospitalization. I did not buy my dogs. ElderDog does not charge fees for any services. But money was spent on visits to the vet, the dog food, and publicity for ElderDog. Therefore, fundraising is important. ElderDog has several fundraising endeavours throughout the year and help is always needed with volunteers.

If anything happens to me, ElderDog will take care of my dogs. I am grateful for ElderDog. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a dog, volunteering with ElderDog, or helping with fundraising, contact ElderDog Canada atwww.elderdog.ca or 1-855-336-4226.