Kaelyn’s Book Club By Regan Alford

Kaelyn’s Book Club
Regan Alford

Wee Ones Selection – Fifteen Animals! by Sandra Boynton (Workman Publishing Co., Recommended reading ages 4 and Under) 
The amazing Bob! The amazing Boynton! Because who else but Sandra Boynton could imagine 15 Bobs in one book? Actually, that’s 14 Bobs, and one Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third (he’s a turtle), which gives Fifteen Animals! the added dimension of being a unique counting book ― count the Bobs, count the pets, count the bunnies, count the fish.
Little Ones Selection – The Ladybug Race by Amy Nielander (Pomegranate Communications, Recommended reading ages 2-5) 
Hundreds of ladybugs red, orange, brown, yellow, and black race across the pages of this book, each one hoping to be the first to cross the finish line! It’s harder than you might think. Will the winner be the fastest? Or the kindest? Maybe there will be more than one winner. What does it mean to win anyway? Ladybugs don’t speak our language, so there are no words to this story. Just pictures. Turn the pages and watch the bugs compete in this surprisingly exciting race.
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