Trick or Read? By Angela Reynolds

Trick or Read?
By Angela Reynolds

Annapolis Valley Regional Library Community Engagement Coordinator

This Halloween, you can add stories to the candy haul. Some of you may know about Neil Gaiman’s Halloween book initiative, All Hallows Read ( Mr. Gaiman encourages people to give away scary books on October 31. This is a great idea, and if you have scary books to give away, join in the fun. For instance, local authors Christy Ann Conlin and Ami McKay both have new books out that would fit the bill for your adult pals. But if you cannot afford to give a book to each little ghoul or goblin that knocks on your door on Halloween night, you can still provide them a doorway to stories. There’s a new kid in town when it comes to Halloween Literacy, and it is called Trick or Reaters ( The idea is brilliant, easy, and best of all, FREE! Print out a flyer (you can find flyer link here:, and drop it into the candy bags. You can still give a treat, but include an invitation to story as well. The goal is to have 100 stories and books linked to the site, and it is searchable by age or scare-level. What a great way to remind kids that candy is dandy, but literacy lasts a lifetime.
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