Family Fun in the Valley: Haunted Houses and Kids

Family Fun in the Valley: Haunted Houses and Kids
By Laura Churchill Duke, Valley Family Fun
There are a lot of haunted houses happening in the Valley this Halloween! Hantsport, Greenwich, and Kentville are all hosting them, and proceeds go for a great cause.
Before you go, make sure your kids are ready for it. We had a terrible parenting moment last year when we forced our kids through the haunted house, thinking it would get better. It didn’t.
Talk to your kids before you go and make sure they really want to go.
Before you go in, make sure you know where the exits are and if you can leave in the middle, and what the refund policies are. If your child is asking to leave, let them. Trust me.
Many of the haunted houses have a paired-down version that is good for kids and families. Do your research and find out when these are happening.
Have a spooky Halloween, but not too spooky!