Featurepreneur: Hello Handmade with Angie Dorey

Featurepreneur: Hello Handmade with Angie Dorey
By Genevieve Allen Hearn

Last Fall Angie Dorey made the move from selling her signature soaps online to a brick and mortar business that carries handmade items by local artisans. The Grapevine chatted to the owner of Hello Handmade about her experience starting a retail shop in the Town of Berwick.

The Grapevine: How would you describe your business?

Angie: I would describe Hello Handmade as a very unique gift shop. My goal and vision for my cozy space was to source items that couldn’t be found easily around us. I sell home décor, both artisan and all natural soaps, bath and body products, beautiful dream catchers, jewelry, apparel, artisan trees, mugs, knits and more! All of which are local and handmade.
I love the idea that someone made something with their own two hands and they have such a passion for their craft, they were willing to put themselves out into the world and “just went for it”.
GV: What made you decide to open a store?
A: I have always had a goal of settling down with a job once I truly found my passion. When we moved the family back to Berwick from across the country, I stayed home with my 3 kids and made a humble income from selling solely on social media. As of September all 3 kids are of school age and I knew it would be now or never to go after my dream of having my own storefront. It was pure fate that the space opened up for rent next to The Union Street, so I dove right in and tackled it head on.

GV: What advice would you have for others who may want to open a store?
A: Go in with your eyes open and you can have it all! No one will care more about your vision more than you, so trust your instincts and how you see your unique business idea and how it will contribute to your community.

The things you will learn about yourself, your customers and your community will make your life more rewarding. Love what you sell and the mission behind your business! You will eat, sleep, read, breathe, talk, study, compare, and worry about your business (and probably be flat broke for awhile) but it is worth it!

GV: How would you describe your entrepreneurial style in one sentence?

A: I am an individual who demonstrates a true passion for building something great from nothing and I am willing to push myself to the limit to achieve big goals.

You can visit Hello Handmade at 183a Commercial Street in Berwick or visit the website at hellohandmadens.ca.