Uncorked: Denise and Kerry Lees, on a roll!

Uncorked: Denise and Kerry Lees, on a roll!

By Mike Butler

Denise and Kerry Lees are, literally, on a roll with their new business. The Lees are the proud owners and operators of AROLLCO (Atlantic Roll Converting) located in Berwick.

People may remember Denise from the Mahone Bay Quality Footwear Co. in Wolfville. I had the pleasure of being teamed with Denise there for a while, and it was a very rewarding work experience with her. Denise loved the retail environment, the customer interaction, and the close-knit community and local support of the businesses, but a new chapter needed to be rolled out.

She states, “Both my husband Kerry and I have been in business or sales during our 37 years together. We started a printing company from the ground up when we were both in our late 20’s without any prior knowledge of printing or business. We enjoyed the business most when it was small, so once it was getting larger, we decided to sell. Since then, we have been looking for a new business venture.”

Kerry has always loved manufacturing and he and Denise searched for a product that everyone uses, needs, and is a consumable. They purchased a box of thermal paper one day and had an “A-HA” moment. All businesses that have cash registers, debit machines, and/or calculators, will use this product. After many meetings and lots of elbow grease, headaches, smiles, peaks, valleys, and hiccups (you know, regular business startup stuff) Denise and Kerry unveiled AROLLCO last year!

The word of mouth has been strong and AROLLCO is doing well and this little profile is my contribution to letting local businesses know that AROLLCO exists. A lot of paper products (debit rolls, thermal rolls etc.) are supplied by stores that purchase the product from huge businesses in Ontario and Quebec, but with AROLLCO, you can by local from the manufacturer!

Denise says, “we want to bring our sons into the business to venture out into other areas of printing. We have always talked as a family about having a family business and the boys are all excited for it to happen. But for now, it is just Kerry and I running the plant.”

AROLLCO has created a full e-commerce site that is very user-friendly and SSL Certified for your safety. They are centering their attention on the Atlantic Provinces and offer free shipping. But If ordering from a website is not your thing they are just a phone call away.

Visit AROLLCO in the Berwick Industrial Park (9A 100 South St.), call them at 902-375-2450 or toll free at 1-844-238-8777, or email them at sales@arollco.ca. Start your spring off by supporting a local company that believes in themselves and their product.