The Grapevine on Government Special Provincial Election Questionnaire: LEO GLAVINE

The Grapevine on Government Special Provincial Election Questionnaire: LEO GLAVINE

By Emily Leeson & Emily Kathan 

We asked a series of questions to all the candidates from Hants West, Kings North, Kings South, Kings West, and Annapolis. We’ve printed a selection of these questions and answers in The Grapevine. Leading up to the election on May 30, we’ll be sharing online the entire questionnaire as completed by each candidate who took the time to do so.


The answers below were provided by: Leo Glavine, the Liberal Candidate for Kings West.


GV (The Grapevine): What strategies are being used by your campaign to engage potential voters, particularly in demographics with typically low voter turnout? Do you have specific strategies for engaging with youth?

Leo Glavine: Our biggest means of working to connect with youth are utilizing a Facebook page and an Instagram page, which are updated daily throughout the campaign to keep followers informed about where we will be canvassing, so they know where to find us. Additionally, when I am in a home, I make sure to engage any high school or university students that may be present to see if they have any questions about the campaign, the function of government, or the election process.


GV: What do you think might present barriers to higher voter turnout? What is your campaign doing to overcome those barriers?

Leo Glavine: I believe that the biggest barrier is people not being engaged or not understanding the political process. At times, there is a general apathy towards campaigns and election cycles. My campaign stresses the importance of taking part in the democratic process by reminding people of the sacrifices that have been made in order to maintain our system of government. Our riding is home to 14 Wing Greenwood – and therefore, many service members – so we are reminded everyday of the importance of honoring the gift that we have as Canadians, to choose our government.


GV: What’s the most interesting question a constituent has asked you as you’ve been campaigning door to door?

Leo Glavine: Not so much a question, but while greeting a constituent at a door last week an an enthusiastic supporter said “I’m some glad you’re running again so you can take on Trump”


GV: How does your daily life differ now that the election has been called?

Leo Glavine: Truthfully, not much has changed in terms of the hours put in everyday. As Minister of Health, I am consistently busy and my position demands a great deal of working hours. The only thing that has changed is the distribution of that time.


GV: Describe the way you see the relationship between MLAs and the municipal units within their electoral districts. How would you work with towns and counties to further mutual interests?

Leo Glavine: I would work the same as I have in the past. I have worked on a number of community projects, water systems, and recreational needs. With Kings West being a primarily rural riding, I am interested in having J-class roads paved and chip sealed to improve the condition of our local infrastructure.


GV: The Valley has a vibrant and growing creative economy. What policies and strategies do you propose to support and expand the arts community at the provincial level?

Leo Glavine: When it comes to funding – especially through the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage – it is so important that there is not just a focus on a single medium. I believe it is important to make sure that writers, singers, folk artists, and creative minds from a full range of expression are supported through government initiatives.


GV: What are you doing to support and attract young families living and working in rural Nova Scotia?

Leo Glavine: The Graduate to Opportunity program has proven to be extremely valuable for people getting their first job in the province, and for remaining here in a work setting. We are expanding the program by paying 35% of wages for a recent graduate to work in Nova Scotia. A lot of companies do not have big margins, so this is a great incentive for employers to hire young Nova Scotians and set them up for success in the province. Additionally, we are now hiring graduates into the civil service with no work experience required, and having soon to be retirees mentor young students that are transitioning into the workforce.
GV: Will you have time to attend Apple Blossom Festival events this year? What’s your favourite event?

Leo Glavine: I will be attending the Apple Blossom Festival this year for multiple events, such as the Coronation and the Grand Street Parade! I have fond memories of the Children’s Parade, because it allows children to have their first initiation into what Apple Blossom is all about.