Living in Wine Country

Living in Wine Country

By N.Neslihan Ivit, M.Sc. Vinifera European Viticulture and Enology


Being a wine-producing country and living close to the vineyard changes our lives in many aspects. Firstly, it gives us the opportunity to visit the vineyards around us and┬áto see how the grapevines are growing. If you haven’t payed attention to grapevine growth before, I suggest you to do it now, as it’s one of the prettiest seasons of the vineyards, when everything is all alive and green. When you visit a vineyard and get to know it more, you will feel closer to nature and this will make you feel happy, I can guarantee you that!

Secondly, you will start to appreciate more the wine, and the people who produce it, by respecting their soil. It’s challenging to deal with a vineyard and it’s even more challenging in Nova Scotia because of the cold climate conditions. When a glass of wine comes to your table from the Nova Scotian vineyards, behind it, there is a strong collaboration of nature and humans. So, do spare a minute of your time before you enjoy your wine, to have a toast for nature and our wine producing neighbours in the region.

Finally, living in wine country affects the cuisine. When you start to spare a place for wine on your table, the meals start to be fancier. A bottle of wine, and the wineglasses around it, can completely change the atmosphere around the table. (Of course, it’s important to remember that a *moderate* consumption of wine is the key.) As Robert Mondavi (one of the pioneers of wine production in Napa Valley, who passed away in 2008) said, “Fine wine can turn a good meal into a feast.” All in all, we are all lucky to be surrounded by vineyards which wait for us to visit, and to have local wines which wait for us to taste.┬áCheers!

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