Random Act of Kindness

On Sunday, August 27th, I was out cycling with three friends. I hadn’t cycled for so long that my friend and inveterate teacher Helen Harper was giving me a lot of guidance on the use of my gears. A group of cyclists was passing our slow foursome, and chatting to us as they did so. One of the group cycled up beside me and said he thought that my bike seat needed to be raised, that I would enjoy my cycling much better, and get less tired. He didn’t have the correct tool for my old bike, but a woman in his group had a great variety of tools, including what the man needed. This kind “stranger,” this man who took his time to give me “a leg up,” was our wonderful Wolfville mayor, Jeff Cantwell. His “Random Act of Kindness” was so appreciated. With his help, I went on to a lovely reintroduction to this great sport!

Barb Lussing, Wolfville