Mike Uncorked: Nova Scotia Works and So Can You!

Mike Uncorked: Nova Scotia Works and So Can You!
By Mike Butler

At the age of 38 I am proud to say I’ve only had four jobs in my life. I’ve been very fortunate to remain at my jobs for long periods of time before needing to make the change to something else. I started working when I was 16 years old in the retail field and haven’t looked back; it’s definitely the area I fit into best. While I’ve had only four jobs, by this age, some people have had over a dozen with a mixture of full- and part-time employment, and it can be tough to find exactly where you fit in as a worker, based on your skills and disposition.

Here in the valley we are very lucky to have the Nova Scotia Works centres to guide us with ease to a job or career that suits us. Have you been unemployed and scared of what lies ahead? Have you been searching for a job but found dead ends and frustration? The Nova Scotia Works centre contacted me and we had a very informative chat about their organization and I’m very excited to share their story with you.

Nova Scotia Works is a government-funded, non-profit, umbrella organization for the smaller non-profits that previously carried out stand-alone employment services. The same services continue, but now with an identifiable brand, a streamlined mandate, and collaborative teams that Nova Scotians are quickly identifying with, and benefitting from, whether they are job seekers, job changers, or employers. Services include employment-related workshops such as Cover Letter and Resume Writing, Practice Interviews, and Dealing with Job Loss. They assist in career counselling, finding employment, looking at retraining options, and helping those starting their own business. They also work with employers offering services in areas such as job matching, assistance in creating job descriptions, posting job ads, and host information or recruitment sessions on behalf of employers.Nova Scotia Works is very resourceful and they do their best to make the best referrals, get the best answers and deliver the best experience for those using their services.

The number one problem that Nova Scotia Works faces here in the valley and beyond is the lack of awareness regarding their full services. They stated, “We are currently working hard to promote what we do. We want to extend an open invitation to all to visit us and discuss employment and work-related needs. We also are moving toward more cooperation with like-minded organizations to build momentum and create a more responsive local economy and workforce.”

Some very helpful hints from the wonderful team at Nova Scotia Works are, “Value all work. You learn something from every job. If you can’t find your “right” job, look for a “right now” job. Those jobs are valuable for skills and resume building and if you do your best, a good reference is the best take-away when you move on. Also, volunteer your time to some cause or organization that interests you. You get to feel good, meet like-minded people, and network too. And most importantly, maintain an up-to-date resume, know how to write cover letters, and check to see what free training may be happening at NS Works centres like First Aid, WHMIS etc.”

And you all should mark your calendars for September 27! Nova Scotia Works is actively collaborating on the valley’s first Workforce Showcase for Wednesday, September 27 at the Louis Millett Centre in New Minas. It is a pilot program that features qualified candidates at their own tables, resumes at the ready, prepared to meet and chat with company reps that have openings. Any interested employers should contact them immediately! It’s a great way to save on recruitment time!

If you have questions or concerns etc. contact the Nova Scotia Works team:

Deb Kendall, Employer Engagement Specialist
Nova Scotia Works through PeopleWorx Society
298 Marshall St, Middleton

Lynn Silver, Employer Engagement Specialist
VANSDA: Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association
61 Webster St., Kentville
902-678-7410 Ext. 204

Richelle Brown Redden, Job Developer
Nova Scotia Works Community Inc Community Inclusion Society
61 Webster St., Kentville
W: 902-679-7469 ext 305

Elizabeth Tuffs, Employer Engagement Specialist
Nova Scotia Works
ARCDA: Avon Region Community Development Association
80 Water St, Windsor