Mike Uncorked: High Definition Landscaping

Mike Uncorked: High Definition Landscaping

By Mike Butler


Just a month has passed since I first met Dustin Rines and Charles Harvey, owners and operators of High Definition Landscaping, but we’ve become fast friends. I have to say, I’m pretty crazy about what they do for their day jobs, and I am very excited to share their story with you!


Before I became a full-time barista/local cafe entertainment mogul, I was a full-time lighting consultant with a special certificate in landscape lighting design, and it was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of the lighting world for me. Not everyone sees the lighting inside your house, but everyone can peek at the outside, so having the opportunity to learn about the varieties of plants and trees, structures, and water features in a landscape, and be able to light it up, was a wonderful job and I miss it. Through Charles, Dustin, and HD Landscaping, I am re-living that missing piece of my life.


Charles and Dustin are the best of friends and have been family, through marriage, for the last 15 years. Charles has worked at Tangled Garden for the last 8 years as one of the head gardeners and Dustin joined him there a while ago. I have been in awe of the beauty of the garden there for years and during my visits I shake my head at how much work, time, effort, and expertise goes into keeping the gardens looking so pristine. Now I know who is responsible.


Charles and Dustin officially started HD Landscaping in April 2016 as an extension of their work at the Tangled Garden. Motivated by the ever-changing landscapes of the valley, the science behind gardening, and the many ideas and dreams that clients have for their property, HD Landscaping has been thriving since conception, but Charles and Dustin always welcome more clients, bigger projects, and different angles to approach in their field.


Charles says, “We offer residential and commercial landscape installation, maintenance and repair. We also specialize in hedge and shrub pruning and shaping, water feature installation and service, drainage, and soil improvement. We do landscape and garden design and offer many types of plantings from near-zero maintenance to butterfly gardens or medicinal and herb gardens. We offer consultation and advice, as well as “house calls” to solve property owners’ problems. We love to solve garden problems! We want to work with the native ecosystem as much as possible, to protect Nova Scotia wildlife, native plants, and insects and soil organisms. We are environmentalists and try to look at the impact our work may have on the environment, as well as human and pet health and safety.”


Charles and Dustin are eager to assist with your projects in any way they can. You can find HD Landscaping on Facebook or you can email Dustin and Charles at hdlandscaping@outlook.com. You can also phone Charles at 902-799-1517 or Dustin at 902-306-5702.


To my wonderful new friends, I wish all the best to both you and your business. Keep growing, mowing, and dancing!!