The Art Spot: Makenzie Welton

Makenzie Welton’s art is currently on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library at 21 Elm Avenue. Check for open hours

I’m just an average teenage girl with an above average interest in art. I recently graduated from high school, so I’ve had a lot more time to focus on my paintings and honing my style. When I’m not working on something, I can generally be found drinking tea, listening to music, or playing outside with my animals. Nothing too abnormal, really.

Although I enjoy trying out any medium that comes my way, I’ve come to love painting the most. I love how expressive you can be, no matter what type of paint you’re using. When I was first introduced to painting, I was scared to put even a single stroke of colour on a canvas, but with time, patience, and a lot of practice, I found a way to express who I am through my art.

Some of my pieces are currently on display at the Wolfville Public Library! However since I’ve only recently started to show them publicly, they aren’t currently displayed anywhere else. As for where I work, there’s a small space set up in a cozy little corner of my home where I do all of my painting.

I began to think of myself as an artist when I realized how much I loved being able to express myself through my hands, and how the things that I create can affect other people. I prefer to work in the evenings, while the world outside is quieting down. That time of the day is perfect for relaxing and thinking up big ideas.

Since I was born and raised in the Valley, I’ve grown up with a strong appreciation for nature and its beauty. The scenery around here is absolutely stunning and very inspiring, but it can at times go unnoticed. My hope is that I can show people that there isn’t any harm in stopping to smell the roses, because in our busy day-to-day lives we may miss many beautiful things that are all around us.