Christmas Business Fair at NSCC Kingstec Campus

Christmas Business Fair at NSCC Kingstec Campus

By Amanda Pace


Amanda Pace is a Business Administration student at the Nova Scotia Community College, Kingstec Campus. She has organized a Christmas Business Fair for December 2 and we asked her to tell our readers a bit about organizing the event.


In January 2017, after 15 years of being out of school, I started my first year in the business administration program at NSCC Kingstec Campus. I wasn’t sure what I expected to get out of the program, I just knew I needed a change of pace in my career life, and NSCC seemed like the logical place to start. Fast forward almost a year and the impact that decision has had on me is immeasurable! I have had many opportunities to hear and meet with guest speakers brought in by the faculty, learned from the faculty that come from the business industry themselves, and have grown as a person as my knowledge grows. NSCC has proven to be an incubator for my ideas and passions, and has given me a platform from which to accomplish great things, making a difference in the world around me.


Throughout the past year, I have been making connections using my newfound knowledge to do what I love doing: helping people. This work has proven invaluable given my project choice in my community leadership course (an elective within the business admin. diploma program). In September, we were asked to develop a project that would make a positive impact within our community. I decided to take what I had learned in the business administration program and use my skills to benefit local businesses in the Annapolis Valley.


When we support our local businesses, we support our local communities! When we shop local instead of shopping at a large big-box stores, close to fifty percent more of the money spent stays in our local community, so I wanted to raise awareness about  local entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized businesses. With so much “noise” around us everyday from social media and other kinds of advertising, it’s easy for the smaller businesses to get “lost” in it all. It is not always easy to buy local! Product variety, price, and accessibility can all be issues. However, I found that many people were not aware of local options to begin with.


My hope is that the Christmas business fair will give local entrepreneurs and businesses a chance to promote themselves, making consumers aware of what they have to offer, especially during the holiday season when consumers are purchasing Christmas gifts. I decided rather than charging vendors for tables they could donate a Christmas present for a child in need, so not only do they benefit from the awareness the event brings but they can feel good being part of another great cause!


By attending this event you will be making a difference for many people in our community, and that is something to feel good about. Admission is $2, but will be waived if a donation of an article of winter clothing for a child is made.



Christmas Business Fair at NSCC Kingstec Campus

December 2, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Admission: $2 or an article of winter children’s clothing