Valley Family Fun: Local Gift Guide for Teachers

Valley Family Fun: Local Gift Guide for Teachers

By Laura Churchill Duke


Students are under no obligation to get their teacher a present at Christmastime. Some like to wait until the end of the year for a present instead. However, if you do want to give something to your teacher, it is always appreciated, and sometimes even a card of thanks can go a long way.


I interviewed some teachers and parents to find out what they did for teacher Christmas presents. This is a summary of my findings (the full article can be read on the Valley Family Fun blog at


  • Make a donation to a charity in your teacher’s name. Favourites include the school breakfast program, the food bank, or for a specific need in the classroom.


  • Gift cards. Anything from bookstores to Dollarama or Walmart (for classroom needs), NSLC to Tim Horton’s and Cineplex. Local cafe and restaurants were also popular.


  • Bake or make something. Homemade cookies or jams were popular choices. Homemade ornaments and other holiday crafts were also popular.


One of the most important factors for parents was trying to shop locally to find that perfect gift. That way, you are helping the local businesses as well as appreciating your teacher.


Happy shopping!