The Dome Chronicles: Canaan Road

The Dome Chronicles: Canaan Road
A Poetry Month Special by Garry Leeson

When you walk through the woods by the old Cannan Road
Just west of the Fales River falls
If you look very close you’ll see traces of fields
And endless rows of granite stone walls

And the lilies still bloom where the houses once stood
At the heart of the once prosperous farms
Where people carved a life with the axe and the plough
And the never-waning strength of their arms

But the life was too hard on that old mountain top
So they moved their homes and gradually slipped away
Further down the slopes to an easier life
But a part of them they knew would always stay

Their spirits still live in the fields and the woods
And if you listen with your heart and close your eyes
You’ll hear the distant sound of ox bells
As they ghost along the rise