AVRL News: Robins, Daffodils, and Gardening

AVRL News: Robins, Daffodils, and Gardening

By Tim Jackson

Spring is here! March and the appearance of robins have ushered in spring. Longer days and a promise that winter weather was about to set sail. Bags of soil, heat mats, seed trays, little black pots, and seed packets are a rite of spring in my house. It’s time to take advantage of the warming weather and extra sunlight hours.

April brought us Easter and April Fools, and even some snow, but spring is definitely here because the peepers are in full voice, daffodils adorn the table, and outside furniture is returning from hibernation. Seed catalogues and gardening books and magazines make up a good part of my winter reading. I’ve been going through my stash of seed packets and planning this year’s crops. Of course, there are lots of different options: your conventional garden, containers, raised beds, cold frames, and more. So now I start getting out the pots, turning over dirt, and cleaning up. One of the best things about spring is seeing the first seedlings popping out of the soil and reaching for the sun. I always start too many, but that is part of the fun.

Flowers, fruit, or vegetables, watching your gardens come to life with plants you’ve nurtured from seed or purchased as transplants is well worth the effort. If you need some tips, check out the gardening section at your local library, that’s 635 in the non-fiction section, or a search for “gardening” in our catalogue online. You’ll find plenty of great books and magazines that you can borrow online and at any branch. Also in May, look for our Seed Library at the Lawrencetown and Berwick libraries. Happy gardening!

Tim Jackson is Community Engagement Assistant at the Annapolis Valley Regional Library, and a minor league gardener.