Review: Like Coming Home

Review: Like Coming Home
By Andy Flinn

Yeah, that’s what I feel like, right now: Like Coming Home. Kimberly Matheson, instigator, dropped by with a Rolled Oat lunch and a pre-release mix of the new Ruby-Throated Records album by Sarah McInnis, Kimberly Matheson, Ellen Torrie, and Rebecca Fairless.

I just finished my first listen. Wow. Storytellers. Singers. Harmonizers. Musicians. Professionals. I can’t wait to see them at the Al Whittle Theatre on May 12 (8pm). I’m now going to listen to it a few more times, then maybe write some impartial things…Forget impartial. I’m not. I just got me my new favourite CD. Impeccable production, an award-winning band for support, and harmonies to warm your heart. Yes, it’s one of those musical experiences that every human being deserves. The most striking thing about this CD is the songwriting. The poetry affects me while I’m certain that I don’t truly understand the meaning. I feel very “private” about this record and my emotional responses preclude any conscious analysis. These singers are connected to the melodies, the words, and the rhythm as much as they are connected to their environment, their fellow humans, and the health of their community. No surprise, really. Three of these four musicians have, or will have, music therapy degrees from Acadia. And they all have been immersed in the musical therapy called “Wolfville.”

It’s kind of funny to come back to the Valley after months abroad and find an album like this, a beautiful reflection of my hometown. This is the third in a series of Ruby-Throated Records releases which showcase local, original talent. This one is slightly different from Let the Good News Ring and This
because there are only four songwriters involved, and they each contributed three songs to the project. Their mutual support on each other’s songs gives the whole thing a special oneness. Like a songwriter’s circle, full of magic. An event. An experience. Tell ya the truth: I’m kind of speechless. And why not. This brand new record speaks for itself better than I could. You’ll just have to give it a spin. I promise it’s worth it. And don’t forget to
buy a ticket for the release concert!

Kim Matheson, Sarah McInnis, Kimberly Matheson, Ellen Torrie, and Rebecca Fairless will perform from their new album, Like Coming Home, on May 12 at 8pm at the Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville