Valley Family Fun: Ten Ways to Get Outside this Season

Valley Family Fun: Ten Ways to Get Outside this Season
By Laura Churchill Duke

The weather is glorious outside now, and there is no reason you shouldn’t get out to enjoy it. There are so many ways to get outside this season with your family. Here are our top 10 things to do together.

  1. Go for a hike. There is a huge list of hikes, and reviews about almost all of them, on the Valley Family Fun website under “Get Moving – Hiking.” There are hikes for all abilities, and stroller and toddler-friendly hikes, too!
  2. Play disc golf. Head to New Minas’ Lockhart Ryan Park and sign out the frisbees for free from the rec department. If they aren’t busy, they will come out and give you some pointers, too!
  3. Try a TrailQuest. These are adventure scavenger hunts that take you through a town following clues and learning history along the way. Six games to choose from with more coming out soon! Download a copy at
  4. Explore a nature park with an adventure guide. There are a series of FREE adventure guides to take with you to a park in Kings County. Try these games and activities and solve clues while having fun in nature! Search the Valley Family Fun website for “Nature Adventure Guides.”
  5. Paddle. Rent a kayak or a canoe for free in Middleton!
  6. Dip your toes. There are so many outdoor places to go swimming. From Lumsden Dam to the Wolfville Reservoir, Silver Lake, and Kingsport beach. Try them all this summer.
  7. Have a bonfire. Our favourite place is Huntington Point near Hall’s Harbour.
  8. Bike. Whether you bike along the rail trail or are more adventurous and try the courses at Burgher Hill and the Gorge (in Kentville), and Reservoir Park (in Wolfville), just get those wheels moving!
  9. Play mini golf. When was the last time you played? There is a list of courses under “Get Moving – Mini Golf” on the Valley Family Fun website.
  10. Go horseback riding. We love Evangeline Trails outside of Windsor. There is a list under “Get Moving – Equestrian” on the website.

Whatever you do, get outside and get moving. Try something new, whether with your partner, kids, friends, or by yourself. There is no shortage of ideas!