The Art Spot: Gaspereau Art Market Special

The Art Spot: Gaspereau Art Market Special

This year, the much-anticipated Gaspereau Art Market will take place on Saturday July 7, 2018. For this special edition of The Art Spot, we asked three participating artists to answer our questions about their work and what inspires them

Jewelry-maker Misty Cogswell

Who: I currently live in Black Rock with my husband and two daughters. I love nature and recycling. I started jewelry roughly ten years ago, and have been experimenting and learning with different styles, techniques, and mediums ever since.

What: I create jewelry because it can incorporate any number of mediums. I have never been great at sticking to just one thing, but silver, copper, brass, and wood are some of the most common ones I work with. I believe my style comes from nature as well as from the recycled materials I use. They have an important impact on the design and the way it is created.

Where: I work on my jewelry in a small workshop attached to my home.
I only sell at a few shows a year: the Gaspereau Art Market (in July), the Wolfville Artisan Market, and the Union St. Christmas Fair (both around November). I also do custom pieces and can be reached at

When: I really had to think about this one. I’m not sure at what point I defined myself as an artist. I think it started to sink in when I was invited to Art Markets. I realize the talent around me and I am honoured to be included as an artist. I work on my jewellery whenever I can find time, usually afternoon to early evening. If I’m really focused on a piece I can work on it until late at night.

Why: Art, as far back as I can remember, has always been a part of my life in one form or another. I am drawn to jewelry because of the endless creative possibilities. I love creating wearable art. I was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley. The Valley is perfect for artists. It has lots of inspiration and supportive communities. It’s a great place to live.

Potter Tracy Horsman

Who: I’m a transplanted Maritimer, originally from Moncton, who came to Acadia and, despite a couple efforts to move away over the last couple decades, I’ve been repeatedly drawn back to this place.

What: I work with clay and transform it into ceramic. I’ve been drawn to the tactile nature of this art form since I was a child and I love the potential for the functional component of the finished product (servingware, bakeware, tiles, etc).

Where:I work out of my own studio, a log cabin near my house. I sell my work directly to customers at select markets, like the Gaspereau Art Market, and occasionally from my studio by appointment.

When: I’m still not completely comfortable defining myself as an artist. I came to it as a “career” after leaving a twenty- year career as a biologist working in conservation biology. I prefer to work in the mornings and evenings and give my afternoons over to more mundane tasks.

Why: I think art is undervalued for what it offers societies and individuals. Creative thinking requires as much practice and commitment as almost any other pursuit, but I don’t think our culture values it that way. I like ceramic because it constantly challenges that part of my brain. The physical properties, technical problems, and aesthetic decisions never cease to force creative thinking and problem-solving. The pace of life, cost of living, and supportive community in the Annapolis Valley makes it possible to pursue this art form here.

Carver Ryan Hupman

Who: I enjoy painting, carving, gardening and making music. I was born and raised in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, and came to Wolfville in 2000. I received an education degree from Acadia and I’m proud to call Wolfville my home.

What: My artistic medium these days is fresh green hardwood. Using razor-sharp axes and knives, I carve woodenware like bowls and spoons. Growing up I watched my father carve duck decoys and felt an immediate connection with this kind of work.

Where: I work from home. You can often find my carvings displayed at the Rolled Oat Cafe, and on occasion, I will have a table at the Wolfville Farmers Market. I try to keep an account of my recent work through Instagram @ryanhupmanart.

When: I first thought of myself as an artist when I was quite young. I’ve always enjoyed working away making things, whether it is painting, carving, or sculpture. I have no set schedule for making art and I find myself working at all hours of the day. Night time is always a bit sweeter though.

Why: Making art is energizing for me. I enjoy working with my hands, creating something that someone might cherish. Most things I make are like puzzles that take patience and faith. Living here in such a beautiful place, it only seems natural to represent and reflect that beauty and gratitude through art.