The Wolfville Magic Winery Bus: Good Valley Family Fun

The Wolfville Magic Winery Bus: Good Valley Family Fun
By Laura Churchill Duke

“Mommy! I wish we could go on a double-decker bus!”

This was a frequent request from my boys (at the time aged four and six). I’d looked into the bus rides around Halifax, but at over $50 for the family, I just couldn’t justify it.

You could imagine my delight when I saw an advertisement for the Magic Winery Bus: a double-decker bus in Wolfville!

As the operator of the family website Valley Family Fun (, I had had several followers email me to ask me if it is appropriate for them to take their kids on the Winery Bus. No better way to find out than to use my kids as the guinea pigs! A morning that combines a double-decker bus for the kids and wine for me? Sign me up!

The Magic Winery Bus is an authentic London transit double-decker bus that, every Thursday to Sunday from 10:30am-3:30pm until October 14, winds its way to wineries in the Gaspereau Valley, Grand Pre, and Lower Wolfville. Children under sixteen accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome and admitted free of charge. No pre-booking is required. Given the double-decker is mid-1960’s vintage, there is no accommodation for child safety restraint systems on board.

The Magic Winery Bus is flexible. This is a good thing when toting kids around – especially young ones. So, this means as you go around on the tour bus, you can get off at whatever wineries you wish, and hop back on an hour later when the bus makes its next round. Throughout the tour there is an informative and interesting commentary to teach you about each of the wineries.

At all the wineries, kids can take a walk through the vineyards, and sampling the grapes is ok! Luckett Vineyards has a British phone box in the vineyard with free phone calls to anywhere in North America – so bring Grandma’s phone number with you! Grand Pre Winery has a kids’ menu at their restaurant.

Overall, my advice to families who want to go on the Magic Winery Bus is to be flexible. If you are going with kids, especially younger ones, pick one or two places where you would like to stop. And, if you only make it to one of the stops before the kids tire, that’s okay, too! Enjoy the bus ride, the great views, the fascinating commentary, and the novelty of being on a double-decker bus! My husband and I took notes about where we’d like to return when we are kid-free!

Valley Families: head out to the Magic Winery Bus Ride, enjoy a great day, and help to support our local economy. The Magic Winery Bus is definitely good Valley Family Fun!