Second Annual Medicine of the People Herbal Celebration to take place at Gaspereau Herb Farm

Second Annual Medicine of the People Herbal Celebration to take place at Gaspereau Herb Farm

On Sunday August 12 nature lovers of all backgrounds will gather for the second annual Medicine of the People, the largest herbal gathering in eastern Canada. Hosted at herbalist John Cummings’ Gaspereau Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary, and organized by Cummings and student herbalist Andrée-Anne Bédard (of Bardane Cuisine), the event aims to build on last year’s success.

Presentations will include:

Zenovia Ursuliak, MD, PhD, FRCPC, who will be introducing attendees to her herbal tool kit for addressing anxiety issues. As a psychiatrist, Ursuliak integrates pharmaceutical approaches with nutritional and lifestyle counselling, psychotherapy, and herbal medicines.

Dorene Bernard, Sipekne’katik band medicine woman, will be talking about water and its intimate relationship with our health.

Brian Rade, ND, will discuss the up to date approaches used to diagnose and treat Lyme disease at the East Coast Naturopathic Clinic.

Daniel Wiseman, board member of both the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations, will be teaching Spagyrics 101: The Synergy of Plant Medicine, Alchemy and Astrology.

Plant Spirit Healing with Liddy Flewwelling will explore how to communicate with the spirit of a plant. “Plants are the most successful organisms on the planet,” says Liddy, “and they have the unique ability to create food, oxygen and tissue from sunlight. The latest scientific research shows that they are intelligent beings who have the capacity to store enormous amounts of information while being highly efficient in communicating and making decisions.”

In addition, participants will also be learning to make their own herbal preparations through guided workshops, including herbalist Angie Oriana Jenkins’ “Bathing and Smudging with Sacred Herbs.” Groups will also enjoy medicinal plant and mushroom walks throughout the day, rain or shine, and there will also be a Budding Herbalist kids’ program.

The event begins at 9am with an opening circle and potluck (BYO plates and cutlery). Tickets are $50 online at, or $60 at the door. Kids under 18 free of charge. Visit for more information.

Bursaries are available. For an application or for more information contact