Valley Family Fun: Farm Visits

Farm Visits Family Fun
By Laura Churchill Duke

I recently spoke with a friend, now living in a big city in the United States, who has to drive his children over 20 minutes just to find a pocked of nature to explore. Being surrounded by nature and farmlands is something that we sometimes take for granted here in the Valley, and I think we shouldn’t.

This is our list of places in the Valley where you can go to explore a variety of farms. There is a complete list on under Go Places – Farms and Zoos.

Visit farms with animals

  1. Noggins Farm and Hennigar’s in Greenwich both have farm animals to visit, from ponies to goats, rabbits, and chickens.
  2. Dragonfly Therapeutic Farm in Mount Denson has a variety of miniature farm animals that kids can enjoy patting and playing with.
  3. Dempsey’s Corner Farm in Aylesford and Willowbank Farm in Port Williams both have a petting zoo, ponds, and lots of fun places to explore.
  4. Oulton’s Meats and Martock Glen Farm Agri-Zoo in Windsor is a meat farm, but also has animals to visit. This is on our list to visit this summer!
  5. Wood ‘n Hive in Port Williams is a honey farm where you can see live bee displays and see how honey is made.
  6. Salmon-Care Coldbrook Fish Hatchery. Tours are available and you can pop in to have a look at the fish.
  7. Gaspereau Valley Fibres, although primarily a wool and yarn shop in Gaspereau, also has sheep on the farm that you can stop in to visit for free.
  8. Ask a farmer. Know a farmer? Ask them if you would be allowed to come for a visit. We have a friend who lets our boys visit his dairy farm every year and feed the calves.

This year, Open Farm Day will be held on September 16, so watch for events happening all across the province. There are always lots of activities for kids, so take advantage!

Get out and explore a farm with your family this summer!