Papilio to play at Evergreen Theatre

The next offering at the Evergreen Theatre in East Margaretsville is an emerging Celtic group from Halifax, whose members have some pretty

impressive musical chops. The concert is on Saturday August 21 and reservations/tickets can be obtained online at, or at or 902-825-6834.

Papilio, a neo-traditional band from Nova Scotia, captures the spirit and drive of traditional Celtic, Folk, Nordic, and World music while giving it a new, contemporary, creative twist that is all their own. More than a Ceilidh band, they are a progressive neo-traditional trio that invites the listener on an auditory journey through Ireland, Scotland, the Maritimes, Brittany (the Celtic region of France), Galicia/Asturia (Celtic regions of Spain), Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and beyond, adding a sprinkle of folk ballads and their own “in-the-tradition” original compositions.

Colin Jeffrey (fiddle) grew up in the United States and on Prince Edward Island playing Classical and Celtic music on the violin. His interest in music took him to Memorial University of Newfoundland where he completed his Bachelor degree in music performance.

Jennifer Publicover (flutes, bodhrán) leads a double life as an active freelancer on both the modern orchestral flute and wooden Irish flute, and makes full use of both instruments in Papilio.  She is also a member of the neo-celtic band Fancy’s Flight. A familiar face at Halifax sessions, she has been a long-time participant in and supporter of the Boxwood Festival, an annual traditional flute workshop in Lunenburg directed by recording artist Chris Norman. In her alter ego as a classical flutist, she performs as an alternate player for such institutions as the Charlottetown Festival Orchestra and Symphony Nova Scotia.

Phil Schappert (guitar, cittern, vocals) has been playing for more years than he can remember. Dr. Phil, as his students know him, is also a PhD entomologist/botanist who has written books about plant/insect interactions (FYI, Papilio is a genus of swallowtail butterflies, represented in Nova Scotia by Papilio Canadensis, the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail). Phil is also a member of the band Fancy’s Flight.