Editor’s Update

Well, we’re officially late.

We apologize to the loyal readership for the delay just as we say sorry to our amazing

advertisers. Their support makes the GV possible. Please support them as much as you can.

Why the delay? Hurricanes, heat waves & Labour Day aside, there was another major responsibility coinciding with this Grapevine week. Although the upcoming Deep Roots Festival is a few weeks away (Sept 24th – 26th), their team has been working diligently to get things in order. One of these responsibilities is their 48-page program booklet which Jocelyn was asked to design. The combined efforts of a great number of people will help to make sure the crowds will know who is performing when and where; I can’t wait for the festival to start!

This meant a Friday construction of the paper when it’s normally at the printers on Thursday morning. HUGE thanks to the Acadia Print Shop who went above and beyond with their customer service to make sure the printing was completed on Friday.

From this lesson comes some learning and an idea. We are now offering delivered or mailed copies of the Grapevine for $2.50 an issue. Decide on a full or half season commitment (13 or 26 issues). Please contact us at: grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com for more information.

Thanks again for providing such an amazing audience, one which makes us appreciate the accountability to deliver a consistent product. Happy September everyone, it’s the best time of year around Wolfville.

Jeremy & Jocelyn.