Remembrance Day Activities for Kids

Remembrance Day Activities for Kids
By Laura Churchill Duke

Kids are never too young to learn about the importance of Remembrance Day. I have a lot of craft ideas on my Pinterest page, which you can find at

For children aged 6 and older, I have developed a Remembrance Day scavenger hunt for Kings County. For this hunt, you have to drive to various towns and villages in the county to look at the war memorials. There is a chart to fill out with names of those who died, as well as a place to draw a picture of the memorial.

This scavenger hunt can be found at The concept can be adapted to any area, as long as you know where to find different war memorials.

Another activity our family likes to do is to go into our local cemetery and find war graves. We take pictures of them, and then go home to look them up on the Canadian War Dead website to find out more about them.
More ideas can be found at

Laura Churchill Duke