Happy Trails Andy Flinn

Happy Trails Andy Flinn
By Jeremy Novak

Andy Flinn and I moved to Wolfville around the same time about fifteen years ago. Although I hardly knew anyone in the community, it didn’t take too long to recognize Andy. Right from the start I admired his ability to immerse himself into Wolfville’s fabric, specifically the vibrant music scene.

Andy’s bandmate, Ariana Nasr, was from Wolfville and together they created a musical energy that people wanted to be part of. They didn’t start the Night Kitchens, but they took them to the next level: moving them into the Al Whittle Theatre, releasing YouTube videos of every act, and organizing the most diverse and talented-heavy monthly live show you’ll ever see for $10. Acts would literally travel 5 hours from Cape Breton to play one song at the Whittle (and to jam at their legendary after-parties in the Gaspereau).

Of course, I owe my strongest connection to the Valley to Andy. In early 2009 he put a bug in my ear that I should take over The Grapevine from them. A couple of trips around the Valley delivering the paper with him, and finding the right business partner (Jocelyn Hatt), had me convinced. I wanted a way to contribute to arts and culture in the Valley and Andy believed in us.

The reality of Andy moving back to his home country of Switzerland selfishly makes me pretty sad. He’s bound to have many fun adventures on the horizon, which I’m happy for, but he’s been such a big part of Wolfville for such a long time. His departure is going to leave a hole in our community and in our hearts. That said, the charm of this place is bound to draw him back eventually. I’m confident that we haven’t heard the last from this talented troubadour. Safe travels Andy, keep shining your musical light.

Photos: Mark Davidson