The Art Spot : Olivia Colwell

The Art Spot : Olivia Colwell

Art is currently on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library at 21 Elm Avenue. Check for open hours

WHO: In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself.
My name’s Olivia and I’m sixteen. I’m often listening to music and I take a lot of creative inspiration from songs. I’m also quite a fan of large concerts and travel, a concert is where I feel most happy and at ease.

WHAT: What is your artistic medium? How did you come to this style?
I’m both a watercolour and digital artist and have been creating for about four years now. I started with just pencil and paper and soon found watercolour to be my favourite medium. I don’t always get to work in watercolour as much as I’d love to though, due to its time-consuming nature. I usually work by sketching something either in ink or in pencil, then scanning it and digitally colouring it.

WHERE: Where do you work and where can we find your work?
Really I work anywhere, from school to home to on the road, but my favourite place to work is at my cottage in New Brunswick. I find it most serene there. You can find my work on instagram @piengiarts.

WHEN: At what point did you define yourself as an artist? At what time of day do you work on your art?
Really I started to think of myself as an artist when I began. I decided I was an artist and began creating. My favourite time to work is early morning, but really that’s just my favourite time of day. I’m quite enamoured with dawn and I’ve always preferred day to night. Night can seem so looming and lonely, and sleep is extremely important to me, so I’m very rarely up late.

WHY: Why art?
I create to fill time, to express my emotions, and to be honest it’s become part of my daily life. I also create to accompany my writing, I create for me. It’s a way of helping myself.