Tidal Bay Appellation Reflects Classic Nova Scotian Style

Tidal Bay Appellation Reflects Classic Nova Scotian Style

Tidal Bay: it’s the signature wine of Nova Scotia and designed to pair perfectly with seafood and ocean views. Developed by Nova Scotia wineries and winemakers to reflect the terroir, coastal breezes, and cool climate of the area, Tidal Bay was launched in 2012 as the first appellation for Nova Scotia.

A crisp, aromatic white wine, all Tidal Bay wines must follow the same set of standards, created by a committee of winemakers, sommeliers, and wine experts, and are strictly enforced throughout the winemaking process, from growing to bottling. All Tidal Bay wines must be made from specific grape varieties, and those must be 100% Nova Scotia-grown grapes. The wines are approved every year by an independent blind tasting panel.

Each winery that produces one expresses their own individuality within their Tidal Bay. Using combinations of the approved grape varieties, the winemakers demonstrate their own take on the distinctive taste profile that reflects the classic Nova Scotian style: lively fresh green fruit, dynamic acidity, and characteristic minerality.

This year twelve Tidal Bays were released at an event on May 10 at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel. The participating vineyards and wineries included:

Avondale Sky
Benjamin Bridge
Blomidon Estate Winery
Domaine de Grand Pré
Gaspereau Vineyards
Jost Vineyards
Lightfoot & Wolfville
Luckett Vineyards
Planters Ridge
Sainte-Famille Wines