Who’s Who: Jordan MacPhee

Who’s Who: Jordan MacPhee
By Mike Butler

Professional makeup artist Jordan MacPhee’s work literally makes me green with envy! I met Jordan last fall when I was preparing to play The Grinch for the CentreStage production of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It was a daunting task to transform my above-average good looks into the green, mean, furry mass of unpleasantness that is the iconic Grinch, but with Jordan behind the brush, we pulled off something brilliant and enjoyable. During the 45 minutes of sitting through the makeup application, we chatted and I learned a lot about this very talented lady. And now, I want to share that with you. Here’s a little bit about what makes up Jordan MacPhee!

Jordan was born in Kentville and has grown up here as an only child with a single mother, also a future Who’s Who no doubt, named Ginger MacPhee. Jordan and her incredible mom share a very special connection to Kentville. They stayed at Chrysalis House when Jordan was just a baby, and her mom was seeking the help of the shelter for the both of them. And now her mother is the executive director of the shelter!

“My mother has been my biggest role model, hero, and supporter since day one,” Jordan says. “I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if it wasn’t for her constant demonstration of true resilience and hard work. And I know she has been a role model and support system for so many others and that’s very inspirational to me!”

After years of being a competitive dancer and dance instructor through middle and high school, Jordan decided to take her 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training course to expand on her curiosity about the human body and how it works. She later decided to go to Eastern College to take the makeup artistry program, as she has always enjoyed the art of makeup, having grown up with theatre and stage makeup. The power and beauty of properly applied stage makeup can transform a person into an animal, a youngster into an elder, a smooth-faced teenager into a bearded warlock, or an above-average looking cafe worker into a mean, green Grinch! Jordan’s talent has taken her many places and she’s worked with so many actors and individuals who praise her work.

What did that lead to? Well, “now I am the owner of my own business, iBeautify,” Jordan says. “I specialize in makeup applications of all sorts, as well as lash extensions, semi-permanent makeup, lash lifts, and tinting. I have worked on many stage plays, and I love having the opportunity to do whole wedding parties for their special day! I love what I do because it’s always a new experience with each person I encounter. Whether it’s being a part of someone’s wedding day or prom, enhancing their lashes or brows to save them time and energy in their busy day-to-day lives, or doing a makeup lesson to help show them how to maximize their products and enhance their favourite features, everyone needs something different! I am so proud I can provide that assistance!”

Further, she says, “women have a lot of pressure put on them to look a certain way all of the time. My industry is known for being very shallow and vain because of this. My goal is to end some of this stigma surrounding what I do. I don’t ever want anyone to feel like they are coming to me to leave looking like someone else or like they weren’t good enough walking through my door. I love to help people see their natural beauty, show them ways to enhance the features they love, and save time getting ready everyday.”

The mottoes of iBeautify are “be your own kind of beautiful” and “enhance your natural beauty,” and Jordan prides herself on being able to listen to what her client is asking for, setting expectations, and delivering a result that they love and feel comfortable in.

For Jordan, it’s not all makeup brushes and pore cleanser. She does know how to relax and enjoy life outside of the makeup world. She loves doing yoga, working out, lounging on the beach, or curling up with her cats to enjoy some Netflix. She loves how much beauty and inspiration there is in the Valley. With tons of breath-taking scenery for photo shoots and wedding venues, it all contributes nicely to her business.

What does the future hold for Jordan? Right now, she is working on expanding her business into Halifax. She is also hoping to continue expanding on her education to be able to offer more services to her growing clientele. The future looks bright for this lovely lady and with the right brush stroke, the future looks very well made up too! If you ever need the services of a true makeup professional, get in touch with Jordan.

For more information, you can email Jordan at jordan@ibeautify.ca or find her on Facebook (ibeautify) and Instagram @_ibeautify_.