Summer Event Spotlight: Gaspereau Art Market

Summer Event Spotlight: Gaspereau Art Market

Always a highlight of a Valley summer, the 13th Gaspereau Art Market will take place on Saturday July 6, 1pm-4pm. Fourteen talented artists and craftspersons will be in attendance with their work for sale. Jenny and Megan Osburn will be providing refreshments, and a freewill offering will be collected for the Wolfville Childrens’ Centre. In recognition of this issue’s performing arts theme, we asked participating artists and craftspersons to tell us about what other arts they enjoy participating in or appreciating beyond the work they will have available at the market. Here are a selection of their answers:

Misty Cogswell (Hand-crafted jewelry): Art is a large part of my life and I appreciate all forms of art. I have been participating in art, one way or another, as long as I can remember. I enjoy playing around with things like pottery, painting, and carving. I tend to incorporate new art skills I am learning into my jewelry.

Gabriëlle Leenhouts (Chocolates By Gabriëlle): I appreciate paintings, woodwork, and jewelry.

Jenesta Long-Sorochan (Itty Bitty and Witty): I’ve always loved reading and music. I grew up in an intellectual and musical family. My Dad and both of my brothers play music. Over the years I’ve been teaching myself to play guitar and I’m a closet singer, someday I will come out of my shell with that. I enjoy films and comics, macramé, and knitting. I really just NEED to express myself creatively. I’ve had a journal for as long as I can remember. Being a creative has always been who I am and I don’t think that will ever change, it’s too important for my mental health.

Will Cooper (Paintings): Before I became a visual artist, my favourite creative thing was writing stories. I have written four environmentally-themed children’s book manuscripts and am working on a fantasy novel. I also love making music, especially pretty piano tunes and folk songs on the guitar. I have never tried acting, but I am a big fan of the performing arts and one day would I love to get involved in the local theatre scene.

Jo Vincent (Jovial Design): I am a classically trained singer and pianist, so I really enjoy playing the piano and singing, but mostly for the cat. 🙂 My husband can tell you I sing all the time, and sometimes sit down to noodle on the keys and write my own songs.