KTABS: The Game’s Afoot

KTABS: The Game’s Afoot
By Mike Butler

Have you ever heard of KTABS? No, it’s not a new age radio station, it’s the Kings Tabletop and Boardgame Society, specializing in games of all kinds. If it’s one thing that’s never faded from my life as I’ve grown up, it’s the love of board games and playing cards and trivia games with my friends and family, and in the coming week KTABS will be hosting a board game convention!

Getting to write this article introduced me to the wonderful organization of KTABS for the first time. Established in 2016, KTABS is a not-for-profit society in Nova Scotia that works to encourage, promote and support board and tabletop and gaming in the Annapolis Valley. It regularly hosts monthly and quarterly events for tabletop and board gamers to connect, gather and play games, and it collaborates with local gamers and organizations to support and encourage tabletop gaming. This society focuses on gamers with incredible gaming strength, as well as those learning to embrace their inner gamer! KingCon! is an event for anyone wanting to learn, share, play and become engulfed in the gaming world.

KingCon!, the ultimate board game convention, is taking place from July 12-14, and is designed to bring together game enthusiasts for 3 days of game-filled fun and excitement. It’s destined to be an incredible time.

The Kings Tabletop and Boardgame Society will be setting up and hosting the convention at the Kentville Fire Hall. The event will bring together players of board games, tabletop card games, role-playing games, and miniatures games, and it will run the evening of July 12 through to the evening of July 14.

According to Kim O’Connor, president of KTABS, “in the last decade, tabletop games have been going through a sort of renaissance, and we’ve been seeing an increase in people’s interest in playing games here in the Valley, and a growth in local regular board game events. We’re thrilled to be able to coordinate a larger event to help players across the Valley connect with each other.”

The core of the KTABS event is providing a gathering space for gamers, allowing people to connect with other like-minded individuals to play and share their love of games. Events like this have happened in the past but on a smaller scale, usually at local libraries and cafes. This convention will feature a game lending library, a bring-and-buy auction, play-to-win draws, coordinated role-playing games, vendors, and TWO new game previews throughout the weekend. It’s the comic-con for boardgame and tabletop game lovers!

If you have any questions you can contact Kim O’Connor at kingcon@ktabs.ca. Please visit the website as soon as possible to get your tickets, and enjoy the event everyone. Let the games BEGIN!