Not a Random Act of Kindness

Not a Random Act of Kindness
By Andrea Leeson

As long as I have known Suzanne Sanford, she has been up to something generous. When I asked her why, she told me that as a young girl she just followed her grandmother’s example of kind and thoughtful acts of generosity, and she has remained true to her grandmother’s actions.

Suzanne is turning 70 on August 3 and she has decided to turn it into another of her giving events. She says she doesn’t need anything so is asking instead for everyone to come to her party with donations for the Upper Room Food Bank in Kingston, where there is always a need. With her husband Dana as her dedicated chauffeur, she has asked for help around town, and Sobeys, Superstore, Giant Tiger, and McDonald’s have all come forward to help out. Volunteers have stepped forward and it’s looking like a fun event. She’s even lined up trucks and drivers to take the donations over to the food bank.

The party is scheduled for Saturday, August 3 on the grounds of Kingston United Church, 733 Main Street, Kingston, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Food and cash donations will be accepted.

When I asked her if she was a member of the United Church, she said, “No, I just volunteer at their soup kitchen every Wednesday, and on holidays I take special treats —cakes, special candies, trifle and cookies.” Always giving.

She’s serving a hotdog barbeque, cookies, cake, and juice and praying for a sunny day, or plenty of big umbrellas! Come and say Happy Birthday to this lovely lady.

Image: Fill the carts!