Fight cancer locally!

With no private insurance and financially crippling Pharmacare co-payments for medications, what choices would you make to fight cancer? Would you choose the medications that could save your life and empty what savings you do have? What happens when your savings are gone?

Susanne Winters, who has worked hard all her life, was recently down-sized from her job (and consequently from having private insurance). She now finds herself making choices as well as battling cancer.

Maybe you, like me, thought we would be covered if it happens to us. Actually, Nova Scotia’s Cancer Program provides complete coverage only for those with an income under $15, 720. Nova Scotia Pharmacare provides assistance to those above that income. But assistance is
far from coverage, and so finding money for the deductible, co-payments of medication (outside the hospital), and transportation places a heavy financial burden on those who are in a fight for their life.

A number of Susanne’s friends don’t think this is right. Just as there’s a great movement to eat locally, we think we should also help cancer patients locally. Join us and make a difference in one person’s fight against cancer. A benefit concert featuring Eugene Cormier, Heather Kelday, Andy & Ariana, Cuckoo Moon and Trillium is being held on December 5th, at St. John’s Parish Hall, Wolfville, 7pm. Suggested admission is $10 at the door. All are welcome. Donations can also be dropped off at the Student Resources Centre,
Acadia University, 585-1246.

We can also lobby our members of parliament, local and federal. There is a national campaign to make sure every cancer patient has the drug coverage they need. In the Campaign to Control Cancer people like you and me are gathering together to call for a Catastrophic Drug Coverage Plan. Find out more at