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The Dome Chronicles: Shelter in Place

The Dome Chronicles: Shelter in PlaceGarry Leeson It was day forty of our isolation, but I wasn’t complaining. Unlike many other people, I have lots to keep me busy here on South Mountain: chores at the barn and heaps of firewood to process. Tilly, our border collie/sheltie cross, had spent the better part of the day on top of our pile of oak logs barking incessantly and trying to dig her way down to something concealed near the top. My first thought was that a squirrel had scampered in ahead of her and was busy teasing her. Tilly and the…
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Who’s Who: Arta Skuja

Who’s Who: Arta SkujaMike Butler When in Wolfville, either as a resident or a visitor, it doesn’t take long to see and feel the involvement of the L’Arche community. It’s a beautiful and constant piece of our surroundings and I have been so fortunate to meet and work with many of the great souls who’ve worked (and still work) within that L’Arche community. Arta Skuja is one such great soul. Arta Skuja is from Latvia, a small, peaceful and green country by the Baltic sea, with just a little over two million inhabitants. Latvia is still her home base, and…
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Visually Speaking: A Mid-Year Update from Valley Artists

Visually Speaking: A Mid-Year Update from Valley ArtistsAnna Horsnell As promised, the artists who shared their goals for 2020 back in January are giving us an update on how they’re making out. There have been highs and lows. The creative community is resilient, but this time of pandemic has been a challenge for many, even as they share songs, images, and uplifting words on social media. Thank you to each artist below for sharing their thoughts openly and honestly. Bob HainstockThe Covid-19 storm has been financially punishing in terms of exhibiting and selling work in the half dozen Canadian galleries…
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Food Security and Food Literacy at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

Food Security and Food Literacy at Ross Creek Centre for the ArtsSubmitted Kathleen Novelia arrived at Ross Creek at just the right time. The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, outside of Canning, brings together arts education with community and professional artist programs, and was looking to expand its year-round programs and include more culinary arts in its work. Kathleen, originally from Indonesia, was a cook and pastry chef who had become disillusioned with the amount of food waste in big hotels. She moved into food security, doing projects in Montreal and Tanzania. She was travelling the Maritimes with her…
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Spring Song

Spring Song It’s a world-wide hit Annie-Mae, Annie-Mae Hear the world hum along… RNA, DNA.   Fill your strong lungs Flash your jaunty red tail Let’s hike in the woods And then check emails.   Dad’s on the Dole The sap is still running There’s wood to be cut And summer is coming.   The sun’s at the window The seeds are all sprouting See 100 ft rows Good earth and hoeing.   -Bernard Irvin    

2020-21 Acadia Performing Arts Series: A Series Driven by Wonderfully Musical Women!

2020-21 Acadia Performing Arts Series:A Series Driven by Wonderfully Musical Women! With Michael Kaeshammer on April 5, and Wonderheads Theatre’s Grim & Fischer on April 23, the 2019-20 Acadia Performing Arts Series still has two of its very best events to present, and yet, we’re already preparing to launch the 2020-21 Series, and what a Series it will be! It will be launched officially on April 5 at the Michael Kaeshammer concert, and 2020-21 subscriptions will go on sale. Individual concert tickets will go on sale during the summer. Our glossy Series brochure containing all details will also be ready for April…
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Local Wine Included in Prestigious Top Ten

Local Wine Included in Prestigious Top TenKim Cyr December 2019 brought a special accolade to the Nova Scotia viticulture industry, and specifically to Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards. Michaela Morris of Decanter magazine released a list of her top ten favourite wines tasted during the year. Her “Top Ten Wines of the Year from Italy and Beyond” includes primarily Italian wines, one each from Australia, Portugal, and France, and an extraordinary wine from Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards in Wolfville, Nova Scotia: their Blanc de Blancs Brut, 2014, (single varietal, 100% Chardonnay, Traditional Method/Méthode Champenoise). The wine itself is notable for a few things,…
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The Dome Chronicles: Mush

The Dome Chronicles: MushGarry Leeson In 1972, a boxcar from Toronto containing a menagerie of farm animals and an eager young couple pulled into the station platform in Kingston, Nova Scotia. They were bound for a deserted hundred-acre farm on the South Mountain, determined to preserve the foundations of farmsteads past while constructing a geodesic dome. They were pioneers of the future, armed with respect for tradition and an irrepressible sense of humour. They didn’t call themselves farmers. They were back-to-the-landers. Farming was industry and their calling was sustainability. Over the next forty years, through flood and fire, triumph and…
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Joy Abounds at International Community Potluck

Joy Abounds at International Community PotluckN. Neslihan Ivit On February 29, I was very excited for my second time joining the international community potluck. I arrived early at the Coldbrook Lion’s Hall to lend a hand with the setting of the tables, chairs, and cutlery. At 5:30pm, people started to arrive with the dishes they had prepared, each from their traditional cuisines. It is fascinating that families from different cultures come together, unite around international flavours on the table, and share them with joy and love. When I went near the table with the food, I could see all the…
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Who’s Who: Lindsay Ward: Play Me Some Mountain Music!

Who’s Who: Lindsay Ward: Play Me Some Mountain Music!Mike Butler For years, I had heard about the power and joy of music therapy and I’ve known lots of music therapy students and professionals, many who began playing at the TAN Coffee Open Mike nights. To hear their stories and be a part of their life journey is very fulfilling. I feel that music therapy is still very new but, I also know that in my forty years on the planet, music has always been such a driving force and motivator for me. Let me introduce Lindsay Ward to tell us…
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