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Young Leaders at Ross Creek

Submitted Teenagehood can be fraught, but not for a group of eighteen youth ages 13-18 who recently joined the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts for their summer-long youth leadership program, along with their leader. Many teens struggle with the balance of wanting and needing independence while not being quite ready to strike out on their own. Even without a global pandemic, anxiety levels for teens across North America are high, and this year there have been many disappointments. From missing graduations and opportunities for travel, to sport and productions cancelled, uncertainties abound. For eighteen young people from across Nova…
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Donated Painting Joins Exhibit at Charles Macdonald Concrete House Museum

By Wendy Elliott As a kid Geof Turner remembers seeing magical animals on the lawn outside the Charles Macdonald Concrete House Museum in Centreville. The magical creatures are still there thanks to Turner and other dedicated board members, and the unique museum is always worth visiting. Exhibits change each season at the museum and this year one highlight is a recent donation. Old Dyke Road is one of Macdonald’s largest paintings.The beautiful pastoral work was received about six weeks ago from a local family, and summer curator Davlyn Laing says the gift “was so exciting and we are so grateful.”…
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What’s Growing: In Your Backyard

Melanie PriesnitzConservation Horticulturist, Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens The natural world is a great place to make new discoveries and embark on explorations close to home. Even the very best naturalist will always find that there’s something new to be learned in the great outdoors. Nobody knows for sure how many species live on this planet. Several million plants and animals have been identified to date, and scientists estimate there to be upwards of 8 million species in total. It’s possible that more than 80% of the species that exist are yet to be discovered! So, if you hear anyone say…
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Acadia’s re-opening plan is a collaborative effort

Acadia’s re-opening plan is a collaborative effortSubmitted Acadia University is continuing a phased approach to reopening its campus, which began on July 6, starting with essential employees and research activities and clients of privately-run sports therapy and performance training businesses in the Athletics Complex. Although most buildings remain closed, members of the general public are now permitted to walk across the campus providing they follow Acadia’s social distancing and mask protocols, and do not to gather in groups, linger, or hold any activities on the grounds. The plan is to eventually see full operations in September, although some employees will…
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Dinner Out: Juniper Returns!

Scott Campbell Juniper is open again. After being closed for several weeks, as Covid-19 swept the globe, Juniper has re-opened. They had to remove a couple of tables inside to be able to accommodate social distancing, but they also have a new patio open which gave them back a few tables. On a nice day/evening, they can still accommodate as many guests as before. So, I took advantage of this opportunity to have a great meal out and was certainly not disappointed. The menu, as always, changes frequently and features a selection of tapas (small plate) items. These are great…
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Mike Uncorked: Restaurant Etiquette in the Time of Covid

By Mike Butler A few years ago I wrote an article about proper wedding etiquette and I listed some dos and don’ts to follow. The responses poured in and I still receive comments on that article. Well, we live in a very different world right now. Following weeks and then months of isolation, quarantine, being off work, and having a lot of businesses shut down, we have partially re-opened our little business world and it’s fantastic to be back. I work in the restaurant and cafe industry, and if I had a wish, it would be to make everyone on…
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Acadia Regional Youth Orchestra

By Elizabeth Sircom The Acadia Regional Youth Orchestra is happy to announce that we are accepting registrations for the 2020/2021 season. We experimented with an online version of our program this spring and have designed a flexible program to offer which allows for both in-person or online teaching. We offer string instruction (violin/viola/cello/double bass) at the beginner/elementary level and two levels of string orchestra, for young people ages 10-24. Our Fiddle Group is open to all ages, 10 through adult. For more information check out our website, or email us at

Riding the Harvest Moon Trail

By Chris Dalton Most Valley dwellers have heard of it, and many have walked, run, or biked a section of the beautiful Harvest Moon Trail. This 110 kilometre section of the historic Dominion Atlantic Railway (DAR) winds its way along slow tidal rivers, lush orchards and farms, and quiet backyards of sleepy small towns. From Grand-Pré to Annapolis Royal, the trail boasts a unique perspective on usually hidden beauty. As a resident of Wolfville, I often use the sections of trail close to home. Friends have biked most of the trail in years past, before it was fully completed. After…
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Who’s Who: Carole Donaldson and Howard Williams: Wildflowers of Wolfville

By Mike Butler Hello Summer!For days now, the sun has been shining and Facebook has lit up with hundreds of photos of gardens, greenery, walking trails and all things outdoorsy! This is a wonderful time of year to go out and see the beauty of the Valley, tend to your own property, and embrace the landscape and everything nature has to offer. We are so fortunate to have such diverse flora and fauna here, and I am just becoming aware of how vast the interest is in this field. Have you heard of the Blomidon Naturalists Society? Well, we can…
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Visually Speaking: Introducing 7Arts of Kingston-Greenwood

By Anna Horsnell Amber Juby and Vanessa Raven-Vipond are passionate about art. They are also dedicated to their community of Kingston-Greenwood. Together they have thrown their enthusiasm and energy behind the non-profit society, NOVA Seven Arts Council, more simply referred to as 7Arts. The name says it all. NOVA is the acronym for New Opportunities for Valley Artists, and Seven sums up the focus on painting, drawing, photography, writing, music, design, and craft. The 7Arts mission statement is “to engage our local community by providing an inclusive, creative environment that will teach, support and promote the arts and art education…
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