Mary Ganong In Her Own Words

I come from good peasant genes – Eastern European – Romania, actually. We were poor. I remember my mother taking in boarders. My first job was in a candy store at the age of 10. Then I used to work in the schmata business, the rag trade, for $5 a week. I’ve seen signs: No Jews or dogs allowed. Coke bottle glasses, hand-me down clothes, terrible shyness. That was my teenage years. What saved me was politics and love…My grandma loved me. We shared a bed. She hugged me and she admired me and she made me laugh. I learned from…
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The Fracking Issue

EDITOR’S UPDATE “I now have very little appetite to participate in such a discussion in the Grapevine, especially given the cartoon that was presented in the last issue. ‘Fracking’ is clearly not an issue that your newspaper is interested in dispassionately discussing (note that the cartoon in the last issue was not labelled as an editorial, which it clearly was, and so you failed your readership on that one).“   Of all the feedback from the February 6th issue, the statement above from an Acadia professor spoke to us the loudest. Our decision to run an anti-fracking cartoon strip from…
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Valley Photo-A-Day Challenge

Imagine yourself on a cold winter morning. Your hands are warming up because your favourite mug is steaming with some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. A subtle smile crosses your face as you look up to admire the super-cool, hand-letterpressed poster positioned perfectly on your wall… Well that could be you! Play along with our Daily Photo Challenge for your chance to win a freshly roasted bag of North Mountain Coffee + a beautiful letterpress poster designed by Laura MacDonald. Read on for the details. The Valley has finally embraced Instagram! Well, maybe not the whole Valley, but…
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Kings South Candidates

Shane Buchan, Progressive Conservative Party of NS candidate  I’ve had many discussions about fracking with two geologists on my campaign team. If done properly, the dangers can be minimized, but proper regulations would certainly be needed and, most likely, be quite cost-prohibitive. Overall, I’m not in favour of this method of extracting energy from the area. I’ve seen what fracking has done in Pennsylvania, it’s a scary wasteland. I’m much more in favour of looking at energy options offshore before opting for those onshore. First and foremost, I’m here to represent the people of Kings South.       Sheila…
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Keith Secor Interview Of Old Crow Medicine Show

by: Laura MacDonald Old Crow Medicine Show, along with Matt Andersen, gave a wonderful performance at Acadia University’s Convocation Hall in Wolfville on June 1. Laura MacDonald caught up with lead singer and fiddle-player Ketch Secor to recap the show and talk music. Here are a few excerpts: LM: You guys put on such a great show the other night! We really appreciated how you tailored the concert to us by learning all those Nova Scotia songs; you made all of us in the audience feel very special. KS: That was a mutual feeling. There was something really special about that night….
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The Grapevine Podcast 6: Caleb Miles

Caleb Miles joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to play us a song and to discuss his last 8 years of contribution to the music coming out of the Annapolis Valley. Also this 6th episode: Kate Corrigan interviews 4th year Acadia music student Lucas Oickle, citizen feedback after the 336 Main Street development proposal meeting, Mona Parson’s remarkable WWII story, and Brian Cottam from Wild Lupin Media discusses their recent live streaming efforts via Contributing regulars: Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J., & Jeremy Novak

The Kings County Cultural Map

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Kings County Cultural Map, which will be held on the evening of February 6th! Important details… When: Wednesday, February 6th 6:30pm Where: Kingstec, room 2101 (238 Belcher Street, Kentville) Who: Open to the public! What: The launch will include an explanation and demonstration of the map, viewings of selected digital stories, and an opportunity to ask questions about the project. The Alliance of Kings Artists will be holding their AGM directly following the map launch (with a few minutes in between for snacks and mingling!) The Kings County Cultural Map…
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The Grapevine Podcast 5: Mike Aubé

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Mike Aube joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to discuss: his hosting of Just Us! Open Mic, his past musical efforts and his current crowd-source funding campaign for his upcoming album.  Also this episode: Dale Gruchy’s digital story about Gaspereau Valley Fibres’s participation in the Back 2 Back Wool Challenge & Gabrielle Archer introduces Halifax’s Quiet Parade and discusses AXE Radio.   Contributing regulars: Jeremy Novak, Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J.

The FunTime Brigade & The Roommates

“Orange juice and pyjamas. Orange Juice. And Pyjamas.” That can only be the obscure sound check of the seemingly nonsensical FunTime Brigade. But is it nonsense? You’ll have to ask them to find out… And you’ll get your chance soon at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville on Saturday, January 19th. Starting at 8pm, the show will open with a smashing set from the latest up and coming talent, The RoomMates. With four part female harmonies and a natural feel for how to captivate an audience, you’ll get your money’s worth before you even make it to intermission. But if…
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The Grapevine Podcast 4: Mike Miline

Mike Milne joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to discuss his album Fine Felt Hat and his experience being the MC of Paddy’s Pub Open Mic.  Also this episode: Andy Flinn’s digital story to be found on the Kings County Cultural Map & Amber Rowe introduces a singer/songwriter from the South Shore, Jennah Barry. Contributing regulars: Jeremy Novak, Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J.