NSCC Students Plan Inaugural Pull Back the Curtain Symposium

NSCC Students Plan Inaugural Pull Back the Curtain Symposium By Genevieve Allen Hearn Recently I was lucky enough to meet with nine NSCC addictions community outreach students deep in a planning session for the first Pull Back the Curtain symposium, which will focus on four areas of stigma: addictions, mental health challenges, disability, and suicide. Different components of the event are being supported by students in different programs. When I asked students why they were taking on a project of this magnitude, one student noted the importance of acknowledging that these challenges exist. “It’s [about] helping to normalize these issues…
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News from the Avon River Arts Society

News from the Avon River Arts Society “The Avon River Arts Society is off to a running start this year and I’m currently making arrangements for our upcoming publication. In the past our arts digest has been more of a newsletter for our organization, which included a directory of our members and ads for local art related events and businesses,” says Tacha Reed, president of the Avon Rivers Arts Society. “It has been a long-term desire of mine to produce a proper arts and culture map for the Avon River area, and now I’m happy to say it is finally…
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Zakary Miller’s Canadiana Swing

Zakary Miller’s Canadiana Swing By Kim Barlow On any given night in the Valley, if you feel like going out to hear some live music, there’s a good chance you’ll come across this guy. He has only been living in NS for three years but has become well-entrenched in the music scene, and heartily embraced by local music fans. His charming and often comic “Canadiana swing” songs, embellished by yodels and kazoo, can be caught at farmers market stages and a rotation of the local watering holes. Lately he’s been found as far away as Bearley’s and the New Scotland…
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The Women of Wolfville tackle a Happiness Project

The Women of Wolfville tackle a Happiness Project By Wendy Elliott Happiness is a much sought after feeling, according to the Women of Wolfville (WOW). The town’s uniquely female community theatre group has built its 16th annual collective creation, Project Happiness, around what makes us happy. Over 30 schoolgirls, university students, working women, and grandmothers are participating from among the WOW network of over 300 women from across the Valley. Cast members, ranging in age from four to sixty-four, have been preparing for several months for this original collective that will hit the stage March 29-30. Director Linda Wheeldon says…
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Happy Trails Andy Flinn

Happy Trails Andy Flinn By Jeremy Novak Andy Flinn and I moved to Wolfville around the same time about fifteen years ago. Although I hardly knew anyone in the community, it didn’t take too long to recognize Andy. Right from the start I admired his ability to immerse himself into Wolfville’s fabric, specifically the vibrant music scene. Andy’s bandmate, Ariana Nasr, was from Wolfville and together they created a musical energy that people wanted to be part of. They didn’t start the Night Kitchens, but they took them to the next level: moving them into the Al Whittle Theatre, releasing…
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I KNOW A PLACE By Ron Lightburn Browsing (CFUW Book Sale, Wolfville). Ron Lightburn has generously donated Browsing (acrylic on stretched canvas, 16″ x 12) to the CFUW, and it will be one of the prizes drawn at the end of the sale. Prizes also include two gift certificates from The Odd Book and a painting by CFUW member Gerri Robertson. The CFUW’s Annual Book Sale is happening Friday March 29, 8:30am-9:00pm and Saturday March 30, 8:30am-3:00pm at the Wolfville Lions Club Community Hall, 36 Elm Avenue.

Mike Uncorked: CFUW Book Sale and Spring Reads 2019

Mike Uncorked: CFUW Book Sale and Spring Reads 2019 By Mike Butler This is one of my favourite times of the year: yes, spring, but mostly the Canadian Federation of University Women’s Annual Book Sale! It’s the ultimate go-to place for inexpensive reading material to get me through the spring and summer months. I love to read and this book sale is always a busy triumph for book lovers. With a wide selection of books in all genres, you will no doubt fill a bag (or two) like I do. You can also find puzzles and games, CDs and DVDs,…
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Short Cuts: Local Upcoming Events

Short Cuts: Local Upcoming Events Kingtec Tribute to MMIWG The Kingstec L’nuek Alliance (formerly known as the Kingstec Indigenization Alliance) is hosting the second annual Tribute to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) on Tuesday, March 26, from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Guest speakers will include Elder Peggy Wentzell, leading the smudge ceremony and singing the Healing Song; former RCMP Rod Francis, who will speak about his experience working on the human trafficking unit and how it connects to MMIWG; and Carolyn Landry, a local cultural educator. Rachel Whitney, BSc, BEd, will also speak on the role of education…
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Helping Grandmothers with Food Security

Helping Grandmothers with Food Security By Wendy Elliott For over a decade, a group of women from Kings County has aided over 25 Kenyan grandmothers raising their HIV/AIDS-orphaned grandkids. The Kings-Kikima Grannies were inspired by the documentary The Great Granny Revolution. It chronicled the kinship between two groups of women an ocean apart: the women of Wakefield, Quebec and the grandmothers (gogos) of Alexandria, South Africa. Moved to help, the Nova Scotia group reached out to Acadia University graduate Ruth Kyatha in Kenya, who works in community development. With her guidance and knowledge, the Valley Grannies have been helping with…
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In Review: Recent News, Happenings & Events

In Review: Recent News, Happenings & Events Notice to all wood ducks: If you are ready for spring, the Annapolis Valley is now ready for you! Pictured left to right are members of Kings County Wildlife Association Marshall Jones, Everett Dixon, Gordon Keddy and Ross MacPherson. Wildlife member taking the photo is John Durno. These Wood Duck Boxes were made to be put in and around Kings County area. Two Planks and a Passion has been nominated for eleven Theatre Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Awards! Included in the impressive list are nominations for outstanding production, direction, new play, costume design,…
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