Featurepreneur: Fluent Frameworks — A new voice in the local cycling scene

Fluent Frameworks is a start-up business specializing in hand-built bicycles. Matt Manuel is the man behind Fluent Frameworks and he had this to say about exactly what it is that he does. So what is a hand-built bike? A hand-built bike starts with a frame built around you. Every detail is accounted for from the tube dimensions and its weight, to its length and ultimate look. It is an expression of one’s personality from its geometry to its paint and as unique to you as your fingerprint. How did you get into building bicycles? Cycling has always been a deeply…
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Young Farmers Weigh In On The Future of Farming in Nova Scotia

Provided by the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia Blog, Last month, the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia (FMNS) interviewed a selection of current and new farmers about the future of farming in Nova Scotia. One of the recurring topics that arose from these interviews was the role Farmers’ Markets play in fostering young farmers. According to Jocelyn Durston, co-owner of Seven Acres Farm, “Farmers’ markets offer a low-cost, low-pressure venue to build relationships with customers and explore market potential,” says Durston. Durston and her partner Chris Kasza moved to Nova Scotia from British Columbia, in search of farmland. Now…
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