An Artist in a Small Town

By Katelyn Morse Inspired by all things raw, earthy, and organic in nature, my paintings are a reflection of the wanderlust inside of me as well as a deep appreciation for just how magical, intricate, and beautiful this world truly is. Through my artwork I hope to inspire individuals to explore more, appreciate more, and be thankful for all the gorgeous things we get to enjoy on this earth! I’ve always loved to express myself creatively through art as a child and I’m pinching myself that I’ve been able to make a living from it now as a 25-year-old. I…
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Recapturing the Oddness of Beauty

By Shasta Grant When I am walking in the woods, observing a sunset, or standing face to face with an animal, I am sometimes struck by how ordinary moments can also be extra-ordinary or even surreal. Watching nature closely in all its three-dimensional glory is awe-inspiring. From early in childhood I resorted to visual art to express my appreciation for all the strange beauty around me. Eventually, I learned the lesson of the expressionists: though nature itself can appear surreal, painting the world exactly as it looks won’t convey the same experience or emotion. Manipulating colour to defy the viewer’s…
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Rural Artist, Urban Roots

By Miyoshi Kondo A crowded alley stacked with the geometric shapes of buildings. The lone house perched on a hill surrounded by sea and trees. Both are equally inspiring. Each call to be painted. The ideas for my artwork stem from a curiosity of how our natural and constructed environments affect each other, the impact of technology, and the concept of home. I can paint contentedly in a room overlooking a bustling street or facing a field of corn. For me, the difference of working in an urban or rural setting is more evident when it comes to the business…
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