Will Chappus: Be His Guest!

William Chappus (that’s his formal name) originates from Windsor, Ontario and came to Nova Scotia when he was nine years old. He attended KCA in Kentville and throughout his schooling, Will received many accolades for both regional and provincial athletics. Will moved to Alberta when he was nineteen, lived in Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary over a span of thirteen years and then finally returned to Nova Scotia for permanent residency in his early thirties. As a child, Will use to volunteer to set the table at dinner time, complete with candles (it’s all about the presentation!) and he loved…
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Alan Slipp: A Pan-tastic Actor!!!

I act in plays but I don’t consider myself an Actor. I can entertain an audience but I don’t consider myself an entertainer. Then you take Alan Slipp! Alan IS community theatre in the valley! For years, I have (and I haven’t been alone) admired Alan’s work. He is never one to back down from a challenge and he ultimately dives into the role with great technique and motivation and always comes out on top. Let’s see if he can handle his toughest role to date: The Grapevine Who’s Who subject! Alan Slipp (the name gives me shivers of delight) lives…
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Heather Pineo Regan: The Ivory Tickler

This will be a Who’s Who first: Heather Pineo Regan is the first interviewee I have never met! It’s amazing what technology can do when you need to interview someone thanks email! I am so thankful Heather was recommended to me for a Who’s Who profile –I hope this article gives Heather some exposure. Heather was born and raised in Nova Scotia and began her formal musical training in Halifax at the age of nine. It was while studying piano at the Maritime Conservatory of Music that she first appeared as a soloist with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Heather received…
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