Mike Uncorked: Go As You Grow! By Mike Butler

Mike Uncorked: Go As You Grow!
Mike Butler

I have four nephews and a niece who are my world! They are my “kids” and anyone who knows me is aware that I would lay down my life for them. They’re growing up very fast, a lot faster than I want, but such is life. Their safety, protection, well-being, and a positive life environment have been my top priority since the second I first held each of them. I am not the parent but I am a very loving uncle who wishes nothing but the best for them. My mindset is that of a parent, grandparent, or any caregiver who wants nothing but the best for their “kids”, and all children, and I am honoured to promote a very unique Valley business that has the same ideal about child safety.
Go As You Grow, located at 9323 Commercial Street in New Minas, is a wonderful business specializing in baby, toddler, and youth shoes, toys, car seats, clothing, and more. The space is beautifully laid out and filled with so many extraordinary products that it’ll take you three visits just to see everything. Owner Rea O’ Leary, whom I’ve known since I was a kid, opened her shop five years ago at their previous location (across from Empire Theatres). She made the move to her new location about a year ago, for more space and the opportunity to create special vignettes within the new space.
Go As You Grow can be found above the Rhythm and Sole dance studio and beside the Soccer Shop in New Minas, with plenty of parking and easy access to your car – so Rea and her team can perform their signature Car Seat Installation Demonstrations – one of the many special features of her business. Go As You Grow is all about safety first. Did you know that 85% of car seats in Canada are installed incorrectly, and that the leading cause of death in children under the age of 14 is collisions? Well, Go As You Grow has two certified car seat technicians on staff and they do about 25 car seat installations a month at no charge. If you’re concerned that your car seat is not installed properly you can pop by during business hours or call in advance at 902-681-4769, to book a time for someone to assist you. Inside the store, Rea carries only the best quality products. At other stores you are bombarded with too much choice, whereas Rea felt carrying a few of the best quality pieces would make it easier for consumers to make their purchasing decision. The best car seat is the one that fits your child, your budget, and your vehicle, and Go As You Grow can advise you on what works best for you.
Go As You Grow is also the largest quality children’s shoe store in the Valley carrying brands that are safe, stable, and offered at a competitive price point. I am 37 years old and my “kids” are all grown up, but I was tickled to see the terrific products available for new mothers, today’s toddlers, and the wealth of information Rea provided was invaluable, even for me, to know what’s become available for today’s parent. The shop has lots of prenatal supplies, scads of Canadian/locally-made toys, dishes, clothes, bug jewellery, puppets, costumes, school gear, stroller and car seat accessories, hats, potties, books, boots, raingear, and more! It was a fun, exciting and dizzying experience trying to take it all in but with Rea’s help, I kept my focus, and she’s more than happy to do the same with her clients. Being a parent is a tough job and there’s so many products on the market right now that you THINK are safe and sturdy and helpful to your child but they’re not. The mission statement of Go As You Grow is to provide unparalleled customer service and high quality products that enrich your child’s life. They believe in safety, security, and the best interests of the parents for their children. In just my short visit with Rea, I could really feel her passion for her business and her unwavering push to promote the importance of safe toys, shoes, and travelling supplies. And if you a new mother wondering, ‘What do I need?’ I encourage you to head to Go As You Grow and discover everything necessary to start you off on your new maternal journey. Go As You Grow even offers a Nursing Nook: a special space complete with everything a mother needs to breastfeed and tend to her baby.
I am so honoured to have had this opportunity to write about Rea and her business and I applaud her for keeping her business ethically situated to make safety the priority and not the profits! I am a concerned Uncle who can sleep a bit better knowing this business exists. Bravo Rea and best of luck!