Active and Healthy Living: This is Not a Solo Trip By Lee-Ann Cudmore

Active and Healthy Living: This is Not a Solo Trip
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My friends, this is not an express route, there will be stops along the way – probably a few stops that you may not want to make. Life is a ride, or maybe a highway, but remember, this is not a solo trip. We are in this together. I have gotten to an age and stage where, at any given time, there are several people in my life that are dealing with traumas. This may be due to the sheer volume of people that you acquire in your life by your mid-thirties, or it may be the interconnectedness of our lives online. We are sharing intimate personal struggles like never before, and I believe that this can be good. In our home, we are blessed to have a solid network of support, and we reciprocate. It is a two way street of support. Build yourself a safety net and when the time comes know that it is there.
Many years ago now, Parker and I spent a summer in Ireland. It was a beautiful adventure, cut short by illness and a seven day hospital stay for him. After getting out of the hospital we felt we needed to cut the trip short and just get home, and so we did. We booked the only ticket that we could, which was a flight from Dublin, to London, then London to New York. We were one step closer at that point, and at least on the right side of the ocean. We boarded a bus from New York City to Boston and then another from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine. Then onto the ferry, which took us to Nova Scotia. The last leg of the trip was the toughest. It was back in the days of the Acadian Lines Bus and we took the ride from Yarmouth to every-little-town-along-the-way, until we arrived in Wolfville. It was not the most direct route to get home, and I wouldn’t recommend travelling that way, but we kept saying to each other “We’re going in the right direction”.
Friends, sometimes all you can do is get your bearings and point yourself in the right direction. Caregivers, friends, and family all you have to do is be there. Be there in whatever way you can. This is not a solo trip. You are not alone.