Fill a Box of Cheer: A huge success!

Fill a Box of Cheer: A huge success!
By Laura Churchill Duke,

Standing back and looking at the mountain of donations that came in for the Fill a Box of Cheer program made our hearts swell. I am so proud of our community! When Candy O’Brien and I put this program together earlier in the fall, we had no idea of how well it would take off. We had no idea how many local people we would be able to help this Christmas!

Fill a Box of Cheer was a program that was started by Candy O’Brien of the Canadian Mental Health Association (Kings County Branch) and me, Laura Churchill Duke from Valley Family Fun. The idea was to reach a segment of the population that tend to fall between the cracks at Christmas time. We do a great job of helping our families in the area through Christmas Angels, Miracles, church hampers, and the Salvation Army. However, there are also lots of people not within a family unit, living by themselves, and often living with mental illness. This is a way to reach people who may not be getting anything else for Christmas.

We asked people to fill a shoe box with a variety of items like toiletries, small gifts, food items, socks, hats, and mitts. The response from the community was unbelievable. We received more items than we had ever dreamed of. We had hoped to fill about 50 boxes, but by the first day of sorting boxes, we filled over 200!

Boxes will be delivered to the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Youth Portal, Chrysalis House, the Opportunity Centre, and the Evangeline Club. A huge thank you to the community for supporting this project and helping so many people locally this Christmas!